Free Quilt Design #2 | XOXO Medallion

Here is another design you are welcome to use. (Don’t sell the design — that would be stealing!) This one lays out the steps for the XOXO quilt top I recently finished. It isn’t a “pattern,” as I won’t include directions or yardage. If you have questions about those, do feel free to ask and I’ll help you however I can.

The design measures 48″ square, which is a great size for a baby quilt or for anyone’s lap quilt. This top is in brilliant colors. You can use any colors you want. Also consider a different final border to vary it more. The design uses the basic template of my Medallion Sew-Along, Track 1. Track 1 has a 15″ center block and borders of prescribed widths, giving a completed top size of 48″.

XOXO top. Sixth Medallion Sew-Along Track 1. 48″.

All sizes below are finished. You may have favorite ways to create the designated blocks, and I encourage you to use whatever method you prefer.

The center block is 15″ finished. It uses the block design and directions you can find here. You can see in that post a number of colorways for the same block. Any other 15″ block will work here, also.

The unpieced borders are great places to adjust sizing, if you need to trim or add width. Don’t cut the borders until you know what size they really need to be. See this post for more information on adjusting borders.

Border 1 is the turquoise border surrounding the center block. It is 1.5″ wide.

Border 2 is half-square triangles in 3 colors. You can use 2 colors, or make it scrappy with a lot. It is 3″ wide. There are 6 HST per side, plus one in each corner, for 28 HST total.

Border 3 is the blue-with-circles print border and corner blocks. It is 4″ wide.

Border 4 is the turquoise print. It is 2″ wide.

Border 5 is the XO border. It is 6″ wide. There are 6 blocks per side, plus one in each corner, for 28 blocks. Of the 28, 14 are X blocks and 14 are O blocks.

X and O Blocks
Each block is made as a 4-patch. I used the stitch-and-flip method to make each unit of the 4-patch. Each unit is made from a 3.5″ cut square of the feature fabric and 2 2″ cut squares of the background fabric. (If you use the same background fabric for all 28 blocks, you need to cut 224 2″ squares.) I always press the triangle over before trimming the underlying fabric, which helps me get a truer square.

Border 5 Alternatives
In truth you can choose alternative blocks or styles for all the borders and even for the center. For border 5, you may prefer 9-patches, plainer 4-patches, hourglasses, or anything else you can build with 6″ blocks. Really you can use whatever you want to get 6″ in width, including piano keys or flying geese. Or you may have a great focus fabric and decide to have an unpieced border, instead. Or use an appliqued border or painted or …

Questions or comments? I’d love to hear what you think.


7 thoughts on “Free Quilt Design #2 | XOXO Medallion

    1. Melanie in IA Post author

      You will be ready for more before you know it. Let me know — seriously! — if you need help on anything. There’s a lot of things I don’t know how to do, but there’s also a lot I’m pretty good with. 🙂

    1. Melanie in IA Post author

      Thanks, Pam! I do really love it. And I love the fact I used the same template (with variations) to make 5 other quilts that look nothing like this!

      Thanks for taking a look.


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