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me in cuba convertibleLike a catbird’s song, my quilts are new every time. I design mindfully, making each decision as I come to it. Medallion quilts are the perfect way to express myself creatively, and I’ve focused on them recently. But I also love strip quilts and block format quilts, especially when scrappy.

My Creative Manifesto tells a little more about me, and my 100th post tells you 100 things you didn’t know. I discuss my medallion design process in this post.

My amazing husband Jim and I have three grown-up children. One daughter is nearby and the other much too far away. They have blessed us in many ways, including with seven grandchildren. Our son is in the military. We are proud of all three.

Jim and I blog together at Our View From Iowa where we write about a broad range of things. He also publishes How I See It where he enjoys writing mostly about science-related topics.

For several years in a former life I managed investments for individuals and families. I’ve also taught financial management. These days I quilt and write.

As a quilter and writer, I enjoy both forms of expression. One of the best parts of blogging, though, is interacting with you. Please leave a comment, ask a question, hit Like, share on Facebook, tell your friends! I’d love to hear from you, and the more the merrier!

You can contact me at catbirdquilts @ gmail.com.

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