More Blocks in EQ7

Sometimes the line between work and play blurs. I’ve been prepping (work) for a class that starts next week. While doing so, I’ve designed more blocks and quilts in EQ7 (play). Here are three of the blocks, all designed as 16″ blocks. Though there are a lot of pieces, construction is quite simple.

Though I designed these as center blocks for medallion quilts, they can work just as well in block format quilts. I love the way this one creates beautiful negative space of a similar shape. As shown with 16″ blocks, this is an 80″ quilt. With borders it would be perfect for a king-sized bed.

Do you have a favorite? What colors would you use?

8 thoughts on “More Blocks in EQ7

  1. Robin Roseman

    Your blocks are cool. You are making me want to buy EQ7! I especially like being able to play with the secondary patterns. But right now I am trying to find a block for the center for my medallion. I like your block that looks most like the Carpenter’s Wheel-the one in orange and red. I’d like to use it for my center for the medallion class you are teaching. Is this possible?

  2. farmquilter

    All of your color choices are great! What would it look like if you switched the light and dark placement? Love the negative space that give me a fun place to quilt!

  3. Barbara Arnelien

    I really like for colours, not I love orange, it would be one colour + white..but others..well will have to see what light bulb goes of..if I had the pattern sizes I could make a more definate choices,,,

    1. Melanie in IA Post author

      I think I like that best, too, but it might depend on what else happens with it. I drew a medallion quilt with the first one that sings to me, too.

      Thanks for taking a look. I’m always glad to see you!


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