Another Block in EQ7

Am I procrastinating or working? Not sure I can answer that question. I am looking for inspiration, a great block to make for my next medallion project. Part of the trouble is there are so many great blocks!

Here is another I drew in EQ7 this morning.

Again, I designed this as a center block. But I love the secondary design it creates because of the corners.

What do you think? What colors would you use?


8 thoughts on “Another Block in EQ7

  1. Cjhaab

    I’d possibly make the opposite corner squares different colors. Like two corners pink and two corners orange. With the center print including both, that would feel more balanced to me, and then the “flowers” showing up in the corners would have a bit more depth if using two warm brights of similar intensity.

  2. Thread crazy

    Just checking in Melanie – I like this design as it can be used as center or all over. I like the all over design; lots of color! What would I use – pretty much same colors and maybe try a little orange flavor on those four flying geese edge points in lieu of the lighter green; then maybe not. Looks cool like it is!

    1. Melanie in IA Post author

      Thanks, Dee! I am having fun, which is (at least part of) the point, right? But NOW I need to go downstairs and cut and sew, or I WILL NOT have a block for Thursday! What a bad example I would set for my students. 🙂


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