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Tree of Life Times Two


Cathie’s “Fantasy of the Squirrels” on the left. My “Garden Party” on the right. Click on the picture to open it larger in a new tab.

One of the things I love about quilting is how two quilters can interpret a pattern or an idea completely differently. The photo above shows two quilts made using the center panel designed by Julie Paschkis. My sister Cathie made the one on the left side of the picture. I made the one on the right. Frankly, I think they are both terrific.

If you click on the picture, you’ll see the details of both quilts better. With hers, I love the way the split-striped border creates movement with the light/dark bars’ contrasts. Those contrasts are offset by the soft brown on either side. The triangle points extend the center outward, giving it even more presence. The outside border is a leaf print of blues, greens, and black swirling through, continuing the “fantasy” of the center, and playing well with the green and black print that squares the center. She repeats both the reds and blacks from the center with the corner four-patches, adding to the unity of the design.

In mine the colors are more saturated, the value contrasts stronger. This is a typical difference of how she and I work.

I enjoyed seeing the finished quilts side by side.




AQS Des Moines!

Today I’m heading to the AQS Des Moines show with my sister! We both have two classes scheduled, but mostly we’re looking forward to spending time together, immersed in our shared quilting world.

And even better: our other sister will join us in the evening and spend part of tomorrow with us! Rarely do the three of us get together in the same space. So this will be a special treat.

There will be more quilts on display than we can possibly take in, and more vendors with goodies than we can afford.

I’ll look for a few things to move farther on my Medallion Sew-Along projects. And I’ll also look for a few fun things to use for a giveaway here.

You can look for photos from the show and some giveaway information starting next week. If you’re going, I’d love to see your pictures, too!

If you leave a comment, I won’t be able to respond until Saturday. See you then!