DeLight-ful Odd Fellows and Old Maids

On the same weekend I finished the Fairy quilt, I also finished DeLight.


DeLight. 96″ square. Finished June 2015. Photo by Jim Ruebush.

This quilt began (as most medallions do) with the center block. The design is a variation of an old block called “Odd Fellow’s” block, or alternately, “Odd Fellow’s Chain.” The variation you see above puts one more variable star as the center of the block you see below.
Odd Fellows block

This is what the Odd Fellow’s block looks like if you group four of them:
Odd Fellows 4
and if  you color it a little differently:
Odd Fellows 4 variation

Notice the corners of the block, reaching clear toward the center of the block. Each corner is made like the block called “Old Maid’s Puzzle,” shown below.
Old Maids Puzzle block

When you group four of these, they become the same as an Odd Fellow’s block.
Old Maids Puzzle 4

More about my quilt’s design process next time.


6 thoughts on “DeLight-ful Odd Fellows and Old Maids

    1. Melanie McNeil Post author

      That is one of the best features — just to be able to try things out. They ALWAYS look different in cloth, so you just get a better view of the possibility, not reality. There are two things I try to be careful of: 1) I want to be responsive to the project, not to the software, and 2) I don’t want to spend so much time in design that I’m not actually making.

  1. Thread crazy

    Odd and Old eh?? Sounds too familiar! Such a neat block though – you could vary the design in so many ways with that block. Yes, EQ7 is a powerful tool and so glad you enjoy it so. Look forward to seeing new designs.


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