The Hexacabin tutorial

I love this idea and Mel has explained it so well, with great pix. Take a look!

Melanie Tuazon

I’ve been wanting to make a hexagon quilt for a long, long time, but I’m not a huge fan of repetitive piecing or hand-stitching. I wracked my brain for a long time about how I could make hexagons my way. I thought about concentric hexagons in one giant design, and last Thursday I made it happen to very satisfying results.

It’s really fun and gets big quickly, which is rare for hexies and quilting in general. So I thought I’d share my technique and get the hexacabin craze on its way.


I call this block the hexacabin because it applies log cabin technique to a hexagon shape. This is my tutorial of how to make your own hexacabin quilt top. If you use it, let me know and tag #hexacabin on Instagram so we can all see how you put your own spin on it.

Keep in mind that…

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