Modern Irish Medallion Quilt Along

I’m SO excited! Today marks the official kick-off of the Modern Irish Medallion Quilt-Along. Members of the Modern Quilt Guild of Ireland are using my medallion work at Catbird Quilt Studio to guide their projects.

Though my style tends to traditional rather than modern, the techniques apply just as well both ways. Bright, fresh colors lend a modern flare to any design.

For example, here’s my most recent finish:

Sparkle. Finished in January 2014 using Medallion Sew-Along Track #1. 48″ square.

So WELCOME to my new, Irish friends. I can’t wait to see their work and feel inspired by their modern take on one of the oldest quilt forms.


11 thoughts on “Modern Irish Medallion Quilt Along

    1. Melanie in IA Post author

      Thanks. I love it, too. It was a PROCESS figuring it out. I wish it all came more naturally to me, but it’s puzzle solving every time. I’ll write about it in a few days.

  1. snarkyquilter

    Your Sparkle quilt did far more than my coffee to open my eyes this morning. The colors warmed me up. It’s just the right bright without being garish. And again, the minor variations in fabric add depth. I think it would be too flat made up in all solids.

    1. Melanie in IA Post author

      Thanks. I agree on this — solids wouldn’t serve this one well. I really had to push to figure the color combination on this but ended up very satisfied.

      Variations in fabric: I used two different yellows as OF COURSE! I didn’t have enough to use just one. But one of them was much lighter than the other. So I flipped the more saturated one over for several patches so it would blend them better. Now it just looks like one fabric with a ranges of values.


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