Medallion Sew-Along — Follower’s Report

Good morning! I’m so excited this morning to share a blog post from Kathy Aho. She is a fellow Stashbuster and a follower of this blog. And she’s been participating in the Medallion Sew-Along, Track 2.

If you’ve been with us, you know I developed two different medallion quilt projects. Track 1 includes size prescriptions for the center block and each border. Track 2 is more free-form, allowing participants to work more on their own. The center blocks are all different sizes, and borders are designed suitable to what’s come before for each improv quilt.

Again, Kathy chose Track 2. She had a printed fabric panel chosen to celebrate her husband’s love of the outdoors. The finished quilt will be a gift for his recent retirement, and also for his birthday.

With flying geese and pinwheels, as well as spacers to adjust sizing and add accent, she’s created a beautiful tribute to him. Take a look here.

I love the color balance, drawing inspiration from the center panel. And the movement of the pinwheels helps the whole thing sparkle. Note the plaids, adding unity to the outdoorsy feel. The proportions of the design work well, also.

Thanks, Kathy, for sharing your project. I think it’s terrific, and I’m sure your husband will treasure it!

Do you have a project to share? I’d love to see it!


4 thoughts on “Medallion Sew-Along — Follower’s Report

  1. Kathy Aho in MInnesota

    Oh my! What an honor to see this post. Thank you Melanie for posting my quilt followup. Hubby does indeed love it –and I intend to start quilting free motion all (aprox) 66×72 inches of it on my domestic Pfaff QE4.0 this weekend. With so many flannels and plaids it will be a cozy one! Just in time for our MN winter coming fast upon us. Thank you again for the kind mention and referral. Thanks for hostessing the challenge in the first place. It got me going on this gift quilt and I am so happy with the result. Kathy Aho in MN


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