Medallion Quilt Rules

You know I’ve made dozens of medallion quilts, and I’ve thought about this a lot. Each one I’ve made is different and has its own personality, so distilling down the differences into a rule set has taken a while. But here goes:


There is no need for fear, because you can’t fail. Have fun, experiment, try new things. Don’t stress about borders that don’t fit — add a piece or whack some off. Make it fit but flat. Let it show your spirit, your honest expression of yourself.

You can make a medallion quilt.


11 thoughts on “Medallion Quilt Rules

  1. Catharine Way

    Thanks so much for the detailed posts on medallion quilts! I am just starting my second quilt, using a leftover fussy-cut square from my first quilt, and while stumbling around the internet I discovered it has a name – it is a medallion quilt! Then I began wondering about what proportion the center square should be to the borders, and when I queried my trusty friend google, bingo, your site appeared! It was very helpful, especially the posts about proportion. I was pleased to learn that my instincts were about right. Thanks so much for the very helpful tips!

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  3. zippyquilts

    Well, I made a medallion quilt years ago from a pattern. The quilt is now entitled “$@?! Cabin in a Square”, if that tells you anything. I learned why one measures across the middle of the quilt and then makes the next border that length rather than just following the directions and assuming the border will fit 😀

  4. katlorien

    Medallion quilts are my favourite and I have made 2 in “sewalongs”, but I get too hung up on the proportions of the borders to design my own. I bought Gwen Marstons book, but found being “liberated” completely stopped me in my tracks. I guess I like rules 🙂
    I now have a copy of Blocks, Borders, Quilts!: A Mix-And-Match Workbook for Designing Your Own Quilts, the “recipes” make me feel a bit more confident about designing my own.


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