Monday Morning Stars.

Do you use the Quilt Index? There are tens of thousands of quilts catalogued there. Check out this post by the Quilt Alliance, and view the short video tutorial on using the index. Then bookmark the Quilt Index for future use!

Quilt Alliance

Just what the doctor ordered to light up your week—a half dozen Morning Star quilts documented in The Quilt Index spanning two centuries and six states. Enjoy!

Broken Star, Star of Bethlehem, Blazing Star Top By: Schrock, Amanda Mast Period: 1930-1949 Date: c. 1935 Location Made: Arthur, Illinois (IL) USA Contributor: Illinois State Museum

Star of Bethlehem variation Top By: Brooks, Mrs. Mary (Nancy?) Bird Period: 1800-1849 Date: c. 1813 Location Made: Kentucky (KY) USA Project Name: Kentucky Quilt Project Contributor: University of Louisville Archives and Records Center

Star of Bethlehem Top By: Maker, unknown Period: 1800-1849 Date: 1825-1850 Location Made: Unknown Project Name: MassQuilts Contributor: Massachusetts Quilt Documentation Project – MassQuilts

Broken Star; Blazing Star; Diadem Star; Star of Bethlehem Top By: Foster, Nellie M. Period: 1930-1949 Date: 1935 Location Made: Nebraska (NE) USA Project Name: Nebraska Quilt Project (Lincoln Quilters Guild) Contributor: University of Nebraska – Lincoln


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8 thoughts on “Monday Morning Stars.

  1. denmck

    I have visited this site many times in the past, but not recently. You’ve reminded me of what a great resource it is! I’ve added a link to the site on my blog.


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