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VA Hospital Quilts

At the beginning of the year I committed to making at least four quilts for donation through my local quilt guild. I especially wanted to make some for the local Veterans’ Administration hospital.

They have requested quilts that are approximately 48″ x 60″, which is a good size for a lap quilt. (Your local hospital may have different needs. If you want to make quilts to serve them, please check with yours directly.)

Recently I finished two quilts to donate. Both were completely made from stash. The first uses a very simple arrangement of 6″ 4-patches and half-square triangles. That part of the array is 48″ square. To make it longer, I added the unpieced borders on two edges.

The second uses a disappearing 9-patch block. Have you ever made one of these quilts? The usual idea is to make a BIG 9-patch, and then cut it into four equal square blocks. Each quarter has an original corner patch, as well as a portion of the original center patch.

I modified that idea by elongating the 9-patch. I cut patches as follows:
4 Corners: 6″ x 8″
1 Center: 6″ x 6″
2 Left/Right Centers: 6″ x 6″
2 Up/Down Centers: 6″ x 8″

Assemble the 9 patches into a 9-patch block. (!!) Cut it through the center in both directions to make 4 equal blocks. Each block will finish at 8″ x 10″.

I made NINE 9-patches. When each was cut into 4 pieces, I had 36 blocks. These were arrayed in a 6×6 layout to make a quilt that measure 48″ x 60″.

I used red for the center patches of the 9-patches, which gave them punch as the accent color. I used black prints for the corner patches, and gold prints for the L/R and U/D patches. The binding is from scraps of red binding I had leftover.

I like this quilt a lot. It was very easy to make and fun to arrange.

I’ll be pleased to donate these at my next guild meeting. With these and three others I’ve donated this year, I’ve met my goal.

A VA Hospital Quilt Fit for Valentine’s Day

I love red chains, and 9-patches are the easiest possible way to build them. A lucky inspiration was the fabulous Hawaiian print used on the border. In all they make a cheery lap quilt to donate to our local Veterans’ Administration hospital.


The backing fabric was donated to my guild and I volunteered to use it. It is … no polite way to say this … UGLY. But it is good-quality cotton fabric with a lovely soft hand. And it has a patriotic theme with the Continental Congress. It is, in fact, the perfect thing to back some VA quilts. Note I said “some.” Yeah, there is a lot of this fabric left!


Here’s a closer look at the design.


Not Twelve

Not Twelve, 48″ x 60″.

This is not twelve seams, as you can see. However, it is the same format as I used for the previous VA hospital quilt, and it measures 48″ x 60″, also. While I started with the same plan, the colors I chose would not play nicely together. The strip of half-square triangles down the middle highlights all of the colors and made it work.

Here is a close-up that shows the colors and patterns more clearly.

The VA’s patients are both male and female. I think this quilt would suit either a man or woman just as well.


In religion and mythology, in the stories we tell, in how we mark time and distance and measure progress, twelve is a magic number. Think of all the twelves…

Twelve Apostles
Twelve Sons of Norse
Twelve Sons of Jacob
Twelve Tribes of Israel
Twelve Knights of the Round Table
Twelve Dancing Princesses
Twelve Brothers
Twelve Angry Men
Twelve Years a Slave
Twelve Days of Christmas
Twelve Drummers Drumming
Twelve Months in the Year
Twelve Years in the Chinese Calendar Cycle
Twelve Hours in the Half-Day
Twelve Inches in a Foot
Twelve Steps

And so many more!

Here is a small project that uses twelve. There are twelve seams assembling this quilt top.

I’m making this quilt for our local VA hospital. My guild distributes about 200 quilts a year within the community, and many of them go to the VA. They have requested quilts that measure about 48″ x 60″ (both numbers evenly divisible by 12.) Your local VA hospital may have different needs. If you’re interested in making quilts for them, please check with them directly.

As you can see, the piecing is just strips. It took me longer to choose the beautiful fabrics than to sew it together.

The “center” of the quilt measures about 33″ x 45″. The borders add another 15″ in each direction. You can use any combination of strips, and it’s a great way to use some of those amazing fabrics you don’t want to cut up!

I’m planning to make at least a couple more. If you want to do this kind of a project, really get creative in your color combinations. The next one I have in process will use a brown, teal, and purple border and include a chartreuse and gold fall colors fabric for the interior strips. It sounds weird, admittedly. But I think it’s going to turn out really well.

Special thanks to Jim for taking the picture and putting up with me so well when I grumble! xoxoxo