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Saturation Point

Why do we do this? Why do we keep making quilts, long past the point when family members and friends want them? Or past when we have “friends” we’re willing to give to?

I have a bed downstairs COVERED with quilts, lots of quilts, at least a dozen quilts right now. Jim asks, “what will you do with this quilt?” And I say, “I think I’ll put it on the bed downstairs.” This has happened enough times now that he rarely asks anymore.

My son has said he wants no more quilts. Yes, he’s in the military, subject to moving regularly, and yes, he lives in a small apartment without much storage space. Daughters and grandchildren have quilts, at least two each. They, also, don’t have storage space for more.

Charity/love/donation quilts? I could make those. I do make those. I’ve made dozens of those. And yet, there are two things I love most about quilting. One is the mental challenge, and one is the beautiful product. Frankly, charity quilts rarely satisfy either of those motivations for me.

I give quilts away. Last year I made about 20 quilts and gave about half that number. I am not un-generous, I don’t think. But I make more than I can reasonably give.

Now I am working on a quilt that no one will want. Another one. I’ve reached the saturation point and then some.

I think I’m having an existential crisis. Why do this? What is the purpose? If I’m the only one who cares, is that enough?

Your thoughts?