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The Big Blue and Brown Medallion Finished!

I finished it today. Here’s your first look!

About 85″ square, on king-sized bed.

To see how I designed this quilt, take a look here.


Design Process — Design As You Go

I thought you might be interested in my process while I made a medallion top. The top is a sample I developed for the Medallion Sew-Along. A key aspect of the sew-along is that I invite you to design as you go. There is no pattern prescribing what border to use. I provide a lot of examples and ideas. You take it from there.

But design-as-you-go can seem mysterious to those who’ve never worked that way. So I’ll step through this example and talk about the decisions I made, and my assessment of success or failure on them. I’d love to hear your opinions, too, both positive and negative ones. This is how we learn.

I started by making a 15″ center block.

I love the medallion print in the middle patch, and I like the interplay of blue and browns. The cream background is one I’ve used in a number of “important” quilts. It’s almost gone and I’ll miss it. The churndash pattern is a favorite of mine. Overall the block works with good color and value contrast, and good balance.

To see more, click here!

I Am a Quilt Designer

Early Thursday Jim and I headed for Oklahoma to see our son. In May we moved him to Vance Air Force Base, where Son is now immersed in pilot training. This week, assuming all goes well, he begins to fly the T-6 trainer planes, one of three types of trainers they have at Vance. And next September he’ll graduate from “UPT,” undergraduate pilot training, and head to another base for extended training.

I don’t usually talk much about personal or family matters here, but keep it on the topic of quilting. The blog Jim and I run called “Our View from Iowa” has a broad range of material, including a few essays that are very personal.

But I wanted to mention our trip for a couple of reasons. First, while gone for four days, I made no physical progress on either quilts or blog posts, though I spent a lot of time thinking about both. Second, at a moment while gone, I experienced a big shift in how I see myself.

I stopped in a quilt shop in Stillwater for a few minutes. It isn’t a big shop, but there was an interesting selection of fabrics, different than many things near my home in Iowa. My choices for purchase included two brights and one more muted.

Often shop employees ask, “What are you working on?” Well, right now I’m working on medallion quilts, samples for the Medallion Sew-Along. In truth, however, my focus is on designs rather than quilts. Process, not product…

And the answer I framed began like this: I am a quilt designer

The thought shook me a little. I have always designed my own quilts, from the very first one I made. But never before did I call myself a quilt designer. Never before have I named myself with that title. Yet, it fits.

I am a quilt designer.