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A Rough Start

I’m having trouble starting a new quilt. Between my trip to Scotland, injuries to both knees and rehab, the election, and a general lack of inspiration, I haven’t made anything new since early August. That’s not strictly true: I have two quilt tops and backs, with bindings! ready to quilt for the local VA hospital. And in the last month I’ve quilted five donation projects for my guild. (Other people created the tops and backs.)

But it’s time to make a new medallion, after more than three months of nothing finished, and after several non-medallion quilts this year. And I’m struggling.

Do you ever have a hard time beginning?

Usually I start a medallion with the center block. After all, the borders radiate out from there. But this one, no, I decided to begin with a middle border. It seemed so simple. I’ve chosen colors, pulled fabrics, dug through my scrap drawer. I made 12 — actually 16 — centers for variable star blocks. In my limited vision, the variable stars will be on point, chalky pastels on a butter yellow background, with blue or lavender setting triangles. I made 16 centers. The first three are too complex and don’t work at all with the next few I made.


3″ center for a variable star, but not for this quilt, whatever THIS becomes

As I pondered the¬†three little blocks, all I could think was to create a quilt titled “Into The Woods With Clowns,” a commentary on last week’s election results. That’s really not the mood I’m trying to achieve, for either myself or my quilt.

This might be easier if I began with the center block. The center creates context and direction for what comes after. But I’m not inspired there, either. One thing I know is the center does not need to be complicated. Most of my medallions have very simple center blocks, many of them based on a 9-patch setting.

hmmm… I’ll have to think about this. In the meantime, if you have any ideas for how to get moving or how to get inspired, let me know.