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Guild Challenge Miniatures

Every year my local quilt guild has a challenge quilt. Those participating bring the finished quilts to our last meeting of the guild year in July. This year’s challenge was to do a miniature quilt, no more than 18″ on each side. The other constraint was it had to be a real quilt with three layers, quilted, bound, and labeled.

There were so many wonderful entries. My regret is I didn’t take pictures. The quilts included art quilts and wall-hangings, block format quilts, and medallions. My small group did a round robin to make medallion quilts for the challenge, and several of them were entered.

I brought two quilts. One was my round robin, and the other was made only by me.

Friendship Star round robin quilt. I made the center star block. Barb added the first braid border. Cleanne added the blue and gold checkerboard, and Karen added the rest. I completed it with quilting and the purple binding.

Mini Take Two. The colors don’t show quite right on my computer. The “Take Two” refers to the outside corner blocks. I’d started this quilt months ago and wasn’t happy with how the corners resolved, so I changed them.

I added a touch of embroidery to the center.

This was a fun challenge. I enjoyed working in the small scale, though I wouldn’t say I am very good at it. Still, I like both of my quilts and am glad to have another token of friendship from my small group members.


Mini Medallion

I’ll admit it: I needed a break. The Medallion Sew-Along samples are challenging and rewarding, but I got stuck for ideas, and I wanted to work on something else. My head is fairly bursting with ideas about other things! But because it’s important to me to get back to those samples, “something else” needed to be quick, easy, and fun.

At the AQS Des Moines show I picked up a few fat quarters and a handful of small remnants. A few, all chosen separately, inspired me with their cheery colors. I decided to try making a mini-medallion.

Strictly speaking, a miniature quilt is one which, if looked at in a photo, would be indistinguishable from a full-sized quilt. But I went with a more casual definition of “miniature”: a thing that is much smaller than normal.

I’m trying to be more creative with my color combinations. Fabrics I used ranged from persimmon to turquoise. What do you think of these?

And here is the finished top. It’s 15.5″. The checkerboard border is pieced. I fussy-cut the inner and outer turquoise borders.

Note the flange.

First time I’ve done that, and it was easy! I cut 3/4″ strips, then folded and pressed carefully with wrong sides together. I turned off the steam to keep from burning my fingers. I pinned the strips (using very thin pins) along the prior edge. I lengthened my stitch length, mostly so it would be easy to unstitch if needed. And I stitched about 1/8″ from the edge. Then I did NOT press it open but left the folded edge toward the center of the top.

When I applied the last border, I used a regular 1/4″ seam, which hid all but what you see of the flange.

Once quilted and bound with the persimmon color, the dark edges will be hidden. Verdict? Quick, easy, and fun, just as hoped! I already have pieces picked for a couple more. These could be addictive…