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Sometimes it’s hard to know where to start. I have lists of things done and lists of things doing and lists of things to do! I have a mess in my studio, the product of having several projects going at the same time. What should I do first? What should I write about first? Perhaps the first quilt I finished this year! Perhaps the one I’m working on right now! Perhaps the one I’ll take up on Monday!

So confusing… But in the interests of some forward movement, I’ll show you some pix of my studio late yesterday.

Now I know, this is not most people’s idea of a mess, but it is for me. That’s one of the reasons I tend to be very linear in my making, with only one or two active projects at a time. I can finish something, CLEAN, and move on to the next thing. With lots of active projects I can’t put things away.

Here is my list, not in priority order:

And here is my “current” project.

I started the center block on Tuesday in a workshop with Toby Lischko. It is a classic New York Beauty, a challenging block to make. But her instruction, tools, and technique made it very easy. I modified the size of the outer background (Moda Grunge in orange) to make it 17″ finish instead of 16″. (Math stuff — I won’t go into the details now but it should set up all the rest of the sizing well.) And I added corners in purple (more math stuff for how I decided the size. Details later.) And I designed the Lone Star-style star point. I need to take it apart and rebuild it so my seam allowances are better, but later I’ll be glad I took the time to do that.

HOWEVER now it’s time to switch gears, so this project, called “Wind River,” will just wait for a few weeks. Instead I have a secret project to do as a wedding present for Son and his bride. Since they get married four weeks from today (HOORAY!!!) I have to get in high gear on that. (And oh yeah, I better make my purse, too!) This is my linearity kicking in. Later I can be messy again. 🙂



State of My Messy Studio

It’s gotten away from me.

And while this isn’t terrible and wouldn’t bother a lot of people, I don’t like stepping over piles of fabric or digging through paperwork. I don’t like having scraps take over the end of my cutting table. Mostly I don’t like the feeling of being a bit out of control. It is a bit out of control.

In truth, I’ve started cleaning up already. It’s pretty easy to put fabric away since I store it (mostly) by color. Some of that is done. And the books are reshelved; because they are usually on the shelf by subject, they are easy to put away.

The papers always baffle me, but soon they’ll be sorted, too. I hope. 🙂 How do you deal with your paperwork? I have a few different sets right now: the class I’m teaching; guild presentations I’m scheduled to do; my guild’s program committee; my guild’s president stuff; my guild’s bylaws stuff; and random stuff… I know how to deal with them once I’m done with them, but it’s confusing when they’re still being used… And none of that includes the old laptop and three flash drives that need to be cleared, nor the digital photos that need to be sorted and filed. Aargh…

What is your biggest storage or organization challenge in your studio? What is easiest for you to control? Do you have some tips to share?