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Tracking Expenses

Do you know how much you spend every year for quilting? I don’t. Quilts, Inc. has defined a “dedicated” quilter as one who spends at least $500 a year on quilting. While I don’t doubt I spend that much when including batting, thread, and books, I don’t have a clue how much it really adds up to.

Last fall I decided to track my spending in 2015. Some people monitor yards used and yards purchased. I really only wonder about the bucks. Today I made my first purchase of the year at a local quilt shop (LQS).

  1. 5 yards for a backing, at half price.
  2. 1 yard for binding and stash.
  3. two 1/2 yard pieces for stash.
  4. a ruler to replace my 24″ ruler. This one has better markings and a ledge to stabilize it against the mat edge. I’m hoping for more ease in cutting with it.

Total? $74.08

Don’t worry — it would bore both of us if I report every purchase here on the blog, and I promise I won’t do that! This tracking is just for me, ultimately.

Are you a “dedicated” quilter? Do you track your quilt spending? Do you keep track of your yardage purchased vs. used? Why or why not? I’d love to hear about it in comments. 




Kona Cotton Solids

I’m working on a small quilt made of solid fabrics — no prints. I don’t mind mixing prints and solids, but this one is intended to have an old-fashioned Amish feel. Some of the fabrics were purchased at JoAnn’s, and some were from local quilt shops.

JoAnn’s sells solids under two or three different labels. One label (brand) is Kona Cotton Solids. The question comes up regularly about the maker of JoAnn’s Kona solids. If you buy something called “Kona” at the quilt shop, it also will show the maker as Robert Kaufman. JoAnn’s doesn’t say that.

Who makes JoAnn’s Kona solids? Are they made by Robert Kaufman or some other manufacturer? Are they Robert Kaufman second-quality goods?

This morning in the Stashbusters Yahoo site (group forum), someone posted a link to Bonnie Hunter’s Quiltville blog. Bonnie and Robert Kaufman answered this question definitively. I encourage you to read the whole answer provided by Robert Kaufman. However, I’ll summarize here:

  1. Robert Kaufman makes ALL Kona Cotton Solids, regardless of retailer.
  2. ALL Robert Kaufman Kona Cotton fabrics distributed are first quality. Seconds are destroyed.
  3. If you find fabric labeled as Kona Cotton Solids that appears to be of lower quality, the company would like you to mail them a sample.

Where should you buy your Kona Cotton Solids? Many of us like to patronize our local quilt shops, ensuring their success to keep them in our communities. Many of us like the coupons and sales offered by JoAnn Fabrics. Hobby Lobby also has carried Kona solids, but I don’t shop there anymore. So as with most of the rest of my fabric purchases, I will continue to buy at JoAnn’s and make sure I support my local shops, as well.