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Keith Jarrett on Quilting Mindfully

Do you know who Keith Jarrett is? A jazz pianist, he is most famous for The Köln Concert. The concert was full-on improvisation, from first note to last. It is linked below for your listening pleasure.

In this interview with NPR, he talks about improvising. He doesn’t use the word “mindful.” He isn’t talking about quilting. But the essence is the same.

… my main job is listening. If you’re improvising and you’re not listening, the next second that comes up, you have nothing to say.

When you are designing mindfully, you are improvising. Whether you are playing solo or as part of a larger group (such as in a round robin,) paying attention is key. Some people speak of “listening” to your quilt as you determine the stitching pattern. Listening can be part of your entire quilting experience. Pay attention, respond thoughtfully, be ready to change your mind with new information.