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Stained Glass Too WIP

More borders to follow. Current size is 44" x 48". Final size should be about  58" x 62".

More borders to follow. Current size is 44″ x 48″. Final size should be about 58″ x 62″.

This one is fun. I started it with 12 4″ hourglass blocks, left from another project. They didn’t quite work there, but they were so pretty together. It made sense to use them right away, rather than waiting for some other project to miraculously need them in the future.

The first border set around the center hourglasses also were discarded from the other project. The rest of the quilt comes from stash. I love the colors, which seem lit like stained glass. They don’t show their brilliance in the photo.

I chose the long triangles (what are they called??) to break the 90 degree angles used to that point. I think they add a sense of movement. They gave me an opportunity to repeat some colors, as well as to introduce a few new ones. Since the new colors are of the same feel, they don’t look out of place, providing unity.

The last borders will ring what you already see without more elaborate piecing. My brother and I agreed it will give the sense of looking over balcony railings in an old, ornate building.

Design Process — Irish Inspiration

Color, shape, line, value, texture. Unity/harmony, variety, balance/proportion, repetition/rhythm. Elements of design.

We can find inspiration by how the elements are used all around us. Engage ALL of your senses to detect them. When you eat a wonderful meal, you use taste, smell, touch, hearing, sight. You note the textures of the food and how they contrast. You see the items on the dish, how they are arrayed and relate to each other. The scents and tastes of each bite contrast and complement each other. You may note too much of one flavor — it is out of balance.

When you look for quilting inspiration, you might use a wonderful meal. See the beautiful photography on my friend Angie’s blog, The Novice Gardener. Who wouldn’t be inspired by the appearance and descriptions of her creations?

Or you might use a vacation. I was “thumbing” through some photos of a trip Jim and I took in 2011 to Ireland. Here’s a little inspiration from that trip. All photos by Jim Ruebush.

Where do you find inspiration? I’d love to hear about it.