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Medallion Sew-Along Finish #5 and Process

Here’s a fun little quilt that started from a pillow panel. Several years ago, on my first excursion into our local Mennonite thrift shop, I found two square pillow covers. With their vintage baseball theme and strong blues, reds, and greens, likely they were used in a boy’s bedroom. Besides the square(ish) panels on the front, the envelope closures on the back were lined with small baseballs on navy blue.

I didn’t have an immediate plan for them, but I knew I had to buy them. Shoot, at $1 apiece, I almost couldn’t lose even if they were turned into dust rags.

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Economy Block ANY Size! (With Cheat Sheet)

There’s a new craze out there promoted by Red Pepper Quilts, crazy mom quilts, and others, and it’s called the economy block. That’s a new term to me, as I know this block as “square-in-a-square” or “diamond-in-a-square.” Maybe the economy comes just in its name!

[See my post of seventeen free designs using this great block.]

This is the square-in-a-square made with TWO squares in the interior.

If you’d like to make the version with only ONE square inside, it’s the same as setting a block on point. You might do a large one for a medallion quilt center, or a small one as part of a block quilt or pieced border. See my tutorial here.

I’ve looked at a number of tutorials for the economy block. And none of them explain how to make it any size. That’s okay if you want to make the block their size, but what if their size isn’t right for your quilt? You don’t need to resort to trial and error. This tutorial will show you how to make the right block for your needs.

This trick is key: the whole block will finish at TWICE the size of the center. That’s right. So if the block’s center is 3″, the block will finish at 6″, assuming you use accurate cutting and seam allowances.

That also means that if you know how big the block needs to be, the center is HALF that. For example, if you want a 7.5″ block, your center will finish at 3.75″.

Simple, huh?

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How to Set a Block On Point

A few days ago I was asked how to calculate the size of setting triangles for an on-point setting. I thought a post focused on that would help others, too.

Center block set on point, and framed with a narrow border.

[For information to help decide whether to set your center block on point, see this post.]

Have you ever made a block-format quilt with a diagonal setting? The math for setting triangles is the same as that for the setting corners on that block quilt.

How large will your new block be?
finished center x 1.414 = finished size of on-point block
ex: 20″ x 1.414 = 28.28″.

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