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Color Resources

The other day I was trying to describe what happens to RED when grey is added. I stumbled through several great websites as I did so.

Color Matters gives a brief overview of color theory that covers complementary and analogous colors. But spend some time with the various tabs across the top. This is a rich, deep resource of color information, including use of color in design, the meanings of different colors, the impact of lighting, and many other aspects.

Design Seeds — This site gives a new color scheme every day to inspire you. And if you’d like to customize your color scheme, try the palette search.

TryColors.com — Mix up colors in any proportions. This might not be very useful for quilters, but it certainly is entertaining.

Rapid Tables — Again, perhaps not useful for quilters, as it uses the “light” color theory rather than the pigment color theory. On the other hand, if you’re a blogger, you may enjoy playing with the colors that create your blog background.

MacMillan Dictionary — Do you need the right word for a specific color? You may find it here.

Words to Use — “Find creative ways to describe colors! These long lists of names for colors include words for red, yellow, blue and every color of the rainbow.”

This was a fun excursion into color. Do you have favorite color resources and inspirations? They could be books, bloggers, websites, or any other source. Let us know.