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Instagram — All New To Me

I decided to take the plunge so many of you have already made. Yes, I joined Instagram. You can find me as catbirdquiltstudio.

Barbara Brackman had a great blog post the other day, on saving the Instagram world one quilt at a time. Her theory is that newer quilters largely have bypassed traditional blogs and blogging and gone straight to Instagram. The slant toward “modern” quilts, many from a fairly small set of patterns, narrows their perspective rather than broadening it. She has added hundreds of photos of historical quilts, reproductions, and other traditional quilts. It certainly provides a wider look at quilting!

So far I have loaded a few photos to #medallionquilt. It will take me a while to figure out this new (to me) platform. By the time I get it, the world may have moved on! If you use Instagram and have some great tips, please share! I’m all ears.


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