Gallery 2013

The wedding quilt for a friend whose fiance died. I made this and had it mailed in 16 days. I think it’s one of the best things I ever did.

The back of the wedding quilt.

A comfort quilt for a friend — which also raised funds for a food organization!

A long lap quilt for a tall guy!

A group quilt benefitting an Indian reservation’s community building. The auction raised more than $10,000.

Another group quilt made as a fund-raiser. I assembled it and made a block for it. I don’t have a photo after quilting.

My sister’s “round” robin we made together, using her center block. We started them in June of 2012. She finished in early 2013.

A little quilt for a little girl.

The commissioning quilt for Son’s friend Steve.

My Medallion Quilt.

Triangles. Round robin with my small group. About 40″.

The Mexican embroidery quilt. A “round” robin with my sister. About 55″.

Medallion Sew-Along finish #1. About 52″.

Medallion Sew-Along finish #2, the Big Blue and Brown. About 85″.

Medallion Sew-Along #3. About 60″. Finished on New Year’s Eve.

Besides the quilts above, I also worked on four others with members of my small quilting group.