Gallery 2012

All the quilts shown here were designed by me, except the maple leaf wedding quilt, which was designed with my sister. All were quilted by me, except the Netroots for the Troops donation quilt.

Made with my sister for a brother and his bride. Bed quilt.

Cheery little quilt for a happy little girl. About 30″ square.

A group project for the benefit of Netroots for the Troops. Lap quilt.

Son’s graduation quilt, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering, with Honors. It’s 81″ square.

The “hunger quilt.” This was “purchased” by a friend, who gave the price to our local food pantry. It’s about 70″ square.

Sibling quilt #1, for one of Jim’s 8 siblings. Lap quilt, 53″ square.

Sibling quilt #2. Lap quilt, 56″ square.

Sibling quilt #3. Lap quilt, 51″ x 67″.

Sibling quilt #4. Lap quilt, 50″ square.

Sibling quilt #5. Lap quilt, 47″ x 58″.

Sibling quilt #6. Lap quilt, 49″ x 57″.

Sibling quilt #8. Lap quilt, 55″ square.

Sibling quilt #9. Lap quilt, 47″ x 62″.

After making all the siblings’ quilts, there was one more I wanted to do. Jim is the 7th of the 9 siblings, and I wanted him to have a quilt of his own.

Sibling quilt #7, Jim’s. It’s about 69″ square.