Tune in to the Iowa Quiltscape with the Iowa Quilt Museum

Join the Iowa Quilt Museum for a series of fun programs on the Iowa Quiltscape, highlighting various aspects of quilting life in Iowa. Each Tuesday at twelve CST for the next few weeks, the museum is presenting some programs about current exhibits and others about quilters and quilting in the state.

On Tuesday January 26, I will be one of the featured speakers! Here is the event description from the museum:

Our January 26th session will feature four Iowa Quilters: Carol Bodensteiner, Melanie McNeil, Diane Murtha & Jessica Plunkett.
These women are involved with quilting through a variety of roles—teacher, author, designer—and will share their unique experiences in the quilting world as well as some commonalities, we’re sure.
This is a ‘pour a cup of tea and let’s have a chat’ kind of program. And since it’s looking like Iowa will be covered in a thick blanket of snow tomorrow (9-17 inches have been forecast), it will be a wonderful day for a virtual meet-up!

The program should last about an hour and is available for free via Zoom. There is no pre-registration required. To Join the Zoom meeting, click on the following link, or type the Meeting ID into Zoom:
Meeting ID: 943 9573 5155

The same link will be used for all of the programs. You’re welcome to share it with friends.

Last week’s program was on the current exhibit at IQM. The exhibit is called String Theory: String Pieced Quilts from Past to Present. The program included the exhibit curator and author Linzee Kull McCray, collector and author Roderick Kiracofe, and Siobhan Furgurson, an AQS certified quilt appraiser, teacher and lecturer. If you missed it, you can find it on the museum’s youtube channel. Each of the programs will be posted there, so don’t fret if you can’t sit in. You can always watch it later.

If you have a chance to zoom in Tuesday at noon central standard time, I would be glad to see you. You’ll get a feel for quilting in Iowa. I’ll bet it’s not very different from quilting in your neck of the woods!


11 thoughts on “Tune in to the Iowa Quiltscape with the Iowa Quilt Museum

  1. snarkyquilter

    It was great to see you today. Glad you didn’t have to actually drive to the museum. I am in love with your quilt with the birds and scattered flowers. And thanks for the heads up about the other videos in the series

  2. laura bruno lilly

    Checked out the YouTube channel programs and this is great! Will try to make it to the ‘show’ today. It’s foggy, grey, rainy – just a typical South Carolina winter outside so a ZOOM treat is just the ticket! Thanks for the invite and direction to the youtubes as a resource.

    1. Melanie McNeil Post author

      You’re very welcome! I don’t really know how this program is going to go! I’m eager to hear what the other quilters on with me have to say. I guess I’ve “socially distanced” myself a bit too much over the last year. 🙂


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