Peru | Arts & Crafts

Earlier I posted about ancient textiles and ceramics in Peru. Here is more about today’s working artists and artisans, including our stop in a textiles workshop.

Our View From Iowa

by Melanie and Jim

Roofs of many buildings in Peru feature two terra cotta bulls, often accompanied by a Christian cross. The bulls invite good fortune and protection to the home.

We were fortunate to tour five significant ruins sites during our ten days in Peru, and there were dozens of other sites dotting the landscape as we traveled. Our itinerary also offered a variety of experiences, like visits to a shaman, a beer bar, museums, and a village elementary school.

Peru has a long and proud cultural heritage. We had the privilege of seeing two artisans shops to learn some of the process of bringing this heritage to life.

Seminario Ceramics Workshop

On a neighborhood sidestreet in Urubamba is the workshop and gallery of Pablo Seminario and Marilú Behar. The studio is the center of creation of both decorative goods and original art that draws on…

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4 thoughts on “Peru | Arts & Crafts

  1. Melanie McNeil Post author

    It was a fascinating trip. Thanks for taking a look at some of it. The beer doesn’t taste like corn, really. It’s pretty bland and has a low alcohol content, only 2-3%.

  2. Kerry

    Thank you – I enjoyed the shaman ceremony. And what a lot of artwork! Some beautiful vases. The sculptures were interesting and some made me smile. Buttons – the second was my favourite. So many to look at! They do draw a lot from their past, and I guess so do we when we quilt. The beer – interesting, wondered if it tastes of corn.


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