Update: Facebook-Ad Quilt Scams

In July I posted about Facebook ads providing links to buy “quilt blankets” and other quilt-like products for unbelievably low prices. Many of the photos showed famous (and not-famous) designer quilts, often intricate and beautiful designs. At the time I questioned whether this was a case of design theft or outright fraud. As it turns out, it’s both.

Scammers are using stolen photos of designer quilts as the bait. Would-be buyers enter their orders in good faith, with payment information. Comments on my previous post show that a few people report receiving product of terrible quality. Most people say they don’t receive anything at all, and can’t get response from the party they ordered from. However, the company now has their name, address, payment information, etc.

Cheryl Sleboda at muppin.com provides information on reporting these scams to Facebook. She also provides a link to a Facebook post from Cindy Santa Anna, who is keeping a running list of the scamming companies. There is a discouragingly large number of them. Please see Cindy’s list, hit like to show her your appreciation, and share the list in your groups.

To all of you who are reading this post because you’ve been scammed, I’m so sorry this happened to you. Let’s get these ads shut down by reporting the ones you see to Facebook. Let them know, as Cheryl Sleboda recommends, that both the ad and the facebook page it springs from are scams.

31 thoughts on “Update: Facebook-Ad Quilt Scams

  1. Julie

    The biggest problem is that Facebook doesn’t give a shit that people are getting ripped off. They are making money hand over fist from these Chinese scammers and they flat out refuse to do anything. I’ve reported hundreds of these sites just in the last few months after one of my own quilts popped up “for sale” on my newsfeed. I tried to complain about my photo being stolen and I got thrown in Facebook jail for 4 days for “hate speech”. So now I just tell anyone who will listen to NEVER, EVER order anything you see on a Facebook ad. That’s the only way this will stop is if people flat out refuse to do business on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

  2. Alison Jackson

    I just got a dreadful camper van quilt. I had 14 day paypal delay and it was payed yesterday at midday and the quilt arrived this morning at 8. It is a blurry printed thing, very thin and I couldn’t let anyone see it n my camper.I have complained to paypal, but may have fared better if it had not arrived at all.

  3. Becky

    Now FB is letting a company run the same ad with the same pics as the other quilt companies. Now they are under the name VOGCA! I ordered two quilts that were full size. I waited for months to get mine. I did more research on the company under the name Amelia Quilts. I also looked up the address which was a run down home with a bunch of vehicle piled in front of it. I contacted the company complaint dept.. It was through PayPal. I called them and told them what happened and they were supposed to have shut this company down after finding out the truth about them. I did get my money back. I also changed my card at my bank. Two or so months down the line, I got a big envelope in the mail with one quilt that was very thin. I still have it only because the grandkids insisted I keep it as a funny memory that I got justice for. It was made very cheaply and it was incredibly thin. The stitching was hilarious. It was one of those “Follow the dotted line quilts. It was something that that a school would use for Beginners Home Economics. Anyway please keep fb informed about these scam artist.

  4. Jane

    There are more sites on facebook now…previously known as amelia quilts…now they have others ..finetimes…animal lovers..quilt lovers. I tried to report to facebook, but no luck. I just hope people watch out and don’t get scammed like myself and others have.

  5. Robert Craven

    I got SCAMMED … I ordered a University of Notre Dame quilt on 11/17, still have not received it, sent multiple emails with no replies… Ordered thru Clematises, didn’t think anything of it, until I finally did a google search, transaction processed as “Flate Noodles Quebec …” now I need to see if Chase will get involved or if I’m SOL

  6. Greg

    Is anyone aware of PrintMusicQuilts? I ordered a $90.00 quilt of a band…3 weeks later, the web site is no longer there…GONE. Like my 90 bucks.

  7. Debbie

    I contacted PayPal after getting the run around and seeing the articles online about them being a scam. Well now I’m in a battle with PayPal because they believe the scammers! I’m out for 2 quilts I had ordered November 2nd and have never received. These scammers have even designed a fake tracking website for DHL but when you go to the real site and put in the tracking number it says it doesn’t recognize The tracking number

  8. Candace Wheeler

    I got scam order wrestling. And they charge me for two twins I wanted. One queen they charge me 99 instead of 49.99 I wanted delivery to my sister never got it

  9. Sherry Bell

    I got burned from the company ustrendygear. I ordered a breast cancer quilt back in July of this year and I still haven’t received it. I go scammed from that company and I will never order anything else from them. I have sent several emails and no response

  10. Stephanie

    I unfortunately fell victim to this scam! The name was actually Amelia Quilts. I paid for the item and when I went to check on shipment of the item the website had been taken down. Thankfully my bank has refunded me my money!

    1. Nick Gail McCaa Weiland

      I just now filed a complaint against them,looking for reversal of charges..they’re despicable in all aspects of that word. Makes me sick to my stomach. I used Paypal, but will also contact my bank………….

    1. danduhman

      Well Jim im just a stupid man with little knowledge of quilts and there value , I have since educated myself and realize that $80.00 I lost was a ridicules price for such a piece of work ,Im pretty sure the sellers have kind of picked up on that because a large number of the fake adds are for Harley’s and fishing,hunting,tractors,football,firefighters,etc are geared towards men. I was unfortunate in that the one I chose was composed of everything my wife loves ie: butterfly’s and the Christion cross and was in her favorite colors pink and purple ,she kind of missed out on the princess faze of her early life due to an abusive father. So I had budgeted around $100 dollars from my social security check to purchase ….so she did not get a present this year due to these crooked sellers.

      1. jim fetig

        I’m sorry that the crooks defrauded you. Honestly, I was stunned to hear about this kind of fraud in quilts, of all things. Rolex watches and luxury goods are easy to suspect and the fake/knock off market is well publicized. Melanie has done a lot of people a great service with this post. Sadly it was too late for you and the act of love you were trying to commit. May the blessings of the season be upon you.

        1. danduhman

          Thanks Jim my hope is that if the FBI gets involved they will bring an end to this , my understanding is that this is being run out of at least 3 places Vietnam and Canada and Australia, their has to be some kind of law against international theft.

    2. Robert Rideout

      I totally agree but went ahead anyway & ordered the hippie mandala quilt for $64.90. From the posted pic on FB, this quilt should cost more like $400 at least! After a month of no email saying it’s been shipped, I went through Pay Pal’s resolution center and got my refund quickly. But what a lesson. I learned a lot and will be much more cautious in my online buying!

  11. danduhman

    I got burned a couple of months ago on the purple and pink butterfly quilt with a cross behind it ,I bought it for my wife for her birthday ,when I tried to inquire abought the delay in delivery I discovered that it was a scam .They billed me under the name beautiful life which is a clothing store so I called them directly and they claimed to be unaware. The people who are doing this appear to be based out of Canada because I got a charge for foreign exchange added as a separate charge ,every time I see a quilt add pop up on Facebook I report it as a scam ,this thing is way out of control and appears to have gone global as a way to bilk people out of their money ,they have thousands of fake Facebook id’s that go on the adds and rave abought the product so as to add realism to their adds , Facebook does not care as long as they get their advertising fee. I had to cancel my credit card and am in the 90 day waiting period to see if my bank will reverse the charges

  12. MichelleL

    Thanks for the info. I haven’t clicked on any of the links for purchase, but there are many moms in some of my FB groups who often ask about the validity of the sites. I’ll pass the info along.


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