Thank you!

This week I had the great pleasure of presenting to a quilt guild elsewhere in Iowa. It is an honor to be invited and a privilege to share my enthusiasm for quilting.

I have done presentations for groups and had not a single person thank me afterwards, not even the person who booked me. It feels odd, and awkward, and a little disconcerting, to walk away like that.

However, I’m happy to say, that did NOT happen this week. Instead, I had the most lovely reception and expressions of thanks afterwards, from many people! Truly, it was very gratifying. And I just want to say publicly “thank you” for the thank yous! I left feeling great about our day together.

(If you liked the person who presented at your meeting, be sure to thank the person who booked them, as well! They like to know they’re doing a good job, too.)

While I’m at it, I’d also like to thank all of you, my readers. Some of you have stuck with me for as long as I’ve been here, and others of you are new. Some of you comment and others don’t. Maybe this is the first post you’ve read here (or maybe it’s your last!) Thank you. Thank you all. It means a lot to me.




15 thoughts on “Thank you!

  1. Kerry

    This was a lady who was one of the embroiderers that worked on Kate Middleton’s wedding dress. It was a mind blowing talk – now there’s embroidery and this was a league of it’s own! I wondered why her glasses didn’t have 2 inch thick lenses! So much fine work of all sorts! She’d travelled a long way too. We also thanked her friend!
    Melanie, you’ll just have to come over and see us! LOL!

  2. Kerry

    Well wouldn’t you know it! My quilt group had a guest speaker today – the woman had travelled by train and then a friend collected her from our railway station – which is still miles from where the venue is. I was asked if I would give the thank you speech at the end. Well, last time I spoke in front of lots of people was at school – and that was pretty much that! Never again. But I said OK, I’m up for it. Thankfully my false teeth didn’t flap around – just as well – I don’t have false teeth, but if my tongue went the opposite way to my brain I’d have something to blame. I hope I did OK – I looked at the lady who asked me and she gave me the thumbs up. Later I was chatting and the speaker came up to me and said that this was a lovely and welcoming group! And all the time I was thinking of your presentation. I was so pleased that she would be going home with a warm feeling. šŸ˜€

  3. Larri Johnson Koshinsky

    Always I learn something from you. Thank you for the time you spend at your computer sharing your knowledge.

  4. snarkyquilter

    As a program chair of my guild I always wrote a thank you note to our speakers. Otherwise my mother would have returned to haunt me. At our guild we always clap after a presentation, though I can’t speak to individual thank yous. And thank you for sharing so much with us, especially this month.

  5. Cindy Anderson

    Iā€™m glad you were treated so nicely. Makes your time seem so worthwhile. Thank you for sharing your knowledge through your posts. I enjoy reading and learning from you. I totally understand your appreciation for comments and interaction. šŸ˜Š

  6. Judy

    Thank you for sharing your knowledge and quilts with your readers, it is a pleasure to read your blog. Your quilts are beautiful and colorful.

  7. Thread crazy

    Always enjoy your posts and the knowledge and inspiration that you share. We’re all in this together, albeit at different levels of expertise. Keep up the good work.

  8. Kerry

    Well that’s so rude! I cannot imagine anyone not being thanked for taking the time and giving a talk, or teaching, someone – particularly a group – that wouldn’t be bothered to say a simple “thank you”. Actually I’m quite shocked. I recently joined a quilting group here and once or twice a month we have people come to give a talk – at the end our chairwoman (or whoever is filling in while she’s absent) stands up and gives a nice speech of thanks. Then we all applaud. Not only is it polite, it shows our appreciation of the effort of braving traffic and distance – and quite possibly grotty weather of coming to show us wonderful things.

    And I thank youuuuu. Sometimes I’m so fired up with inspiration (like at quilt group evenings) that I can’t even sleep at night because so many things are bombarding my mind – like reading your posts late at night – fatal! LOL!


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