40 thoughts on “My STOLEN Tutorial

  1. Elizabeth E.

    I go AWOL for a few days and I miss all the excitement. I just saw the resolution post–and clicked over to see who she was, and yes, it was someone I read occasionally. I have used some of her tutorials, purchased a pattern, and now I’m wondering…are they all original? And that’s the problem with plagiarism; it follows you for a long time (ask Doris Kearns Goodwin, and I think hers was probably accidental). Thanks.

  2. zippyquilts

    Oh, dear. I’m glad she apologized. I emailed to thank her for taking it down, since I’m so far behind in my blog reading that I was late to the original post.

    1. Melanie McNeil Post author

      It can’t be fully resolved, because there are people who think she wrote it, and it probably has a boatload of pinterest pins, etc. (Do they dissolve when the thing they are pinned to goes away?
      I have no idea.) However, she has apologized, we’ve chewed it over, and I need to go on. So it’s as done as it can be. Thanks for the sympathy.

  3. Ellen.

    I cannot believe the way a bunch of civilised educated people are carrying on
    over a quilt block tutorial. I’m not saying you are wrong, Mealnie,
    to feel aggrieved over the tutorial.
    However, some of the people asking you to contact her sponsors
    comes across as being spiteful, jealous and childish.
    As we Irish say “May God Help Them, sure, They haven’t much troubling them.
    They should be worrying more about the threat of being blown into
    oblivion by Mr. Trump and Kim Jong- un than trying to encourage
    you to contact her sponsors which may result in her losing a source of,
    income that she may really need, unless of course the lady in question
    is a big name in the world of quilting, in which case she would have a team
    of lawyers working on the matter immediately.
    Melanie, are you 100% that your quilt block tutorial is 100% original?
    I don’t know you or the other lady in question but is there any doubt
    in your mind that she may have made a genuine mistake?
    By the way I don’t quilt. I just knit.

    1. Melanie McNeil Post author

      Honestly I find this very offensive. YES, I am 100% sure that my tutorial was 100% my work. She did make a genuine mistake, and it was the mistake of theft.

      It might be “just” a tutorial, but it something I devoted a lot of time and thought to. I worked hard to provide clear, easy-to-use instructions. It is MY work. If it were a quilt instead of a written work, and someone stole it, would you think that is okay, too? If someone stole quilts regularly and sold the quilts, and that was their source of income, which they might need, would that make it okay? Should I not tell anyone, because it was “just” a quilt, and they might lose their source of income?

      What else is okay to steal? Where will you draw your line? If you wrote a knitting pattern and someone stole it, would you have a different notion on it? If someone stole your money, would that be alright, as long as it was their source of income?

      It isn’t food. It isn’t medical supplies. It isn’t going to save anyone’s life. There is no excuse. Stealing someone else’s work is wrong.

      1. Ellen.

        Really, Melanie you find this offensive?
        Remember, Melanie that the majority of White Americans
        are living in a country where the land was
        A people who now live in dire poverty
        and who have very little in the way of Human Rights
        or material wealth. To me this offensive.

  4. Stephania Bommarito

    That is sooooooooo rude and uncalled for!! Thank you for bringing this situation to our attention. All of us pattern designer need to stand up and scream as a possible way of challenging others who claim our work as their own. It happens far too often these days.

  5. KrisR

    I left her a comment on her current blog post – not that I think she will print it or anything – but I just thought it important to reinforce that stealing is wrong. 🙂

  6. katechiconi

    She knew for sure that she was stealing. I’m glad you named and shamed, because by the time I got to this post it was all over and I couldn’t go and see what she’d done. It helps to know who to avoid in future – if I purchased patterns from other people, I’d want to know who the rip-off artists were. And taking someone’s content wholesale and just tweaking it and pretending it’s your original work is certainly a rip-off.

    1. Melanie McNeil Post author

      Thanks, Kate. It is a rip-off. I probably shouldn’t have, but I looked again at her site. I saw a later post of hers, where she bragged about having a sponsor-deal or paid deal of some sort to use their fabrics. And she decided to write this great tutorial (mine) to show how she made the cute blocks. SHE GOT PAID TO STEAL MY WORK. AAACK!! Makes me crazy. ugh…

  7. Lori Mackie

    Looks like she has removed your stolen page. I have stopped following her. Sick and tired of people who steal the work of other people 😠

  8. jmn111

    I went to compare the two blog pieces – looks like she removed the offending tutorial (https://sewfreshquilts.blogspot.ca/2017/04/economy-block-tutorial.html – there’s a note: “Sorry, the page you were looking for in this blog does not exist.”). But I did see her note at the bottom of the page: “Please respect my copyright. Do not republish or distribute content without written permission. ” Really! I wonder why Lorna McMahon didn’t just mention your tutorial and provide a link to it?

    1. Melanie McNeil Post author

      Yes, thanks. She did remove it. It would have been fine if she said “Oh neato, I’ve been making these cool blocks. See how I did it with Melanie’s tutorial…” or some variation on that. She went to A LOT of effort to copy my work. :/

  9. Cindi Lambert

    This makes me angry. I’ve purchased a pattern from her before, not too long ago. Isn’t there anything you can do about this? I would make an example out of her, although I believe she is in Australia. This is not right. I am always very careful not to share patterns that are not free to me or anyone else, and many people will ask where I get a pattern from. Most are purchased in some form or fashion and it would be a copyright infringement to share a purchased pattern with someone. They must buy their own pattern. I’m so sorry this has happened to you.

  10. chaosfay

    I left a comment on the stolen tutorial.

    A similar thing happened to me with fairy wing stock I created. An app company stole my wings, and the wings of HUNDREDS of other artists, and sold the design in a bundle for profit. They didn’t credit any of the artists. A buyer of the wings recognized my design and contacted me. She, another artist, and I filed a lawsuit against the company and it was settle out of court. The company has since stopped sell the wings. We filed the lawsuit using a DMCA form and a lawyer who specializes in copyright law. I 100% suggest filing a DMCA form.

    1. Melanie McNeil Post author

      Thank you for commenting, both here and on her site. I’m sorry that happened to you. It’s just wrong.

      I’m not familiar with DMCA but will take a look. Another thing I notice is that she has several sponsors. Sponsors might care about a thing like that… If she doesn’t take it down, I may go there, next. Thanks again.

  11. shoreacres

    You could file a DMCA takedown notice. I’ve done that more times than I like to remember, but it works.

    Or, you could email the person yourself and ask her nicely to take it down. I’ve done that, too, and I’ve never had anyone refuse. Hard as it is to believe, there are people who haven’t come across the concept of intellectual property, and copy without malicious intent.

    1. Melanie McNeil Post author

      Thanks, Linda. I did email her and was not especially nice about it. I don’t necessarily assume malicious intent. I’ve written about copyright a handful of times, and there are always people who argue that if it’s online, it is usable in ANY WAY someone wants. They do not believe ownership clings to online work. And generally, there is NOTHING you can say to them that makes them understand that. Thanks much.

      1. shoreacres

        Ownership doesn’t just cling to online work, it attaches firmly and permanently. That’s one reason publishers who specificy “no previous publication” in their submission requirements include blog postings. Only if there is a specific exclusion will they accept a submission that’s been placed online — online publication is publication, and every copyright rule in the world applies.


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