Medallion Quilt Rules

Each year my local guild has a new challenge, and I’m excited about this year’s! The current challenge is to create a medallion quilt. Though I won’t enter, I’m looking forward to seeing the entries and hearing from members as they create their pieces.

We just started our guild year this week, and it will close out in July with display and judging of these quilts. To help my fellow members move through the process, and also to help and inspire others who want to make medallions, I’ve decided to republish some of my prior posts. The best place to start is the beginning, right? Below you’ll see the fundamental rules of making a medallion quilt.

You know I’ve made dozens of medallion quilts, and I’ve thought about this a lot. Each one I’ve made is different and has its own personality, so distilling down the differences into a rule set has taken a while. But here goes:


There is no need for fear, because you can’t fail. Have fun, experiment, try new things. Don’t stress about borders that don’t fit — add a piece or whack some off. Make it fit but flat. Let it show your spirit, your honest expression of yourself.

You can make a medallion quilt.

16 thoughts on “Medallion Quilt Rules

  1. zippyquilts

    Haha! I’m guessing you are the one who came up with this idea! I am so happy to see the simple definition of what a medallion quilt is! Don’t know why that never registered with me before.

    1. Melanie McNeil Post author

      🙂 Guild members know I’m the medallion queen. I’m not sure they’re all aware of all the tutorials, but we can give them the link in the newsletter some other time. We’re actually going to have 2 categories. One is designed by the maker and one is NOT designed by the maker, like by using a pattern. Should make things more fair and more interesting.

  2. Audrey

    Yes! I love making medallion quilts. So much fun! And I agree, there’s s central motif and then it’s all open for personal creativity–no way to fail.😊

    1. Melanie McNeil Post author

      No, there will be some terrific quilts. I’m on the program committee (as well as guild co-president,) and program is who runs the challenge. It wouldn’t be right. 🙂 thanks, tho!

  3. katechiconi

    I’d always found the beautiful geometric quilts you see as exemplars of medallion quilts very intimidating. I hadn’t realised I was making a medallion quilt with the last one till you pointed it out. You’re right. Anyone CAN do it!


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