A New Plan for an Old UFO, Part 2

Where I left you last time was having solved the problem of setting the star points into background fabric without using Y-seams. I also showed you an idea for a quilt design using log cabin blocks. It’s pretty, but I really have no interest in making it.

This is where it is so far. At this point it finishes at 54″ square. 

The question is, what to do next? Often I begin a quilt with a center and two or three borders, designed in my mind and with scratch paper, and made directly. When it’s time to add more borders, I often switch to EQ7 for design help. It gives the advantage of trying out ideas without making them. With unlimited iterations possible at virtually no cost, there is not much downside. I did the same for this one.

Here are a couple of options, drawn in EQ7.

Original design in EQ7, 82″ square.

Original design in EQ7, 93″ square.

I like them both, but I have a pretty good idea which direction I’ll go with it.

31 thoughts on “A New Plan for an Old UFO, Part 2

    1. Melanie McNeil Post author

      I do like to make large quilts, so that isn’t much of an impediment for me. At this point I’m still amusing myself with more ideas. It’s an interesting process. 🙂

    1. Melanie McNeil Post author

      Well, I think it is a tie! Seems that for each person who prefers one, someone else prefers the other. As for me, I’m still playing with design. 😉

  1. Edith

    I like #2 but it looks more time consuming! I think the difference in scale of the pieces gives the center the right ‘weight’. And the diagonal lines are nice. Good luck with it.


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