Bear | Yellowstone

We’re enjoying a break. Jim thought you’d like these pix.

Our View From Iowa

This bear in Yellowstone Park was enjoying some flowers. Telephoto lenses are a great thing to have.

We entered the park from the northeast. What a gorgeous route. The changing sky and some rain added to the views. Looking forward to more in the next three days.

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3 thoughts on “Bear | Yellowstone

  1. shoreacres

    Even though I commented on this before, it’s even more appropriate today. We have a tropical critter that’s going to be developing, and the joke among some of my weather geekie friends is that it “bears” watching. You can’t believe the number of bear photos and gifs that have popped up over the years. Now, I have another bear to point to for the “bears watching” crowd. That second one is especially good.


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