English Needles from the 1850s

Wow, what a great, interesting follow-up to my simple post about needles! Take a look at Gwen the Textile Ranger’s post about her packet of English needles, circa 1857. Thanks, Gwen! (Please leave comments and Likes at her post!)

Deep in the Heart of Textiles

Melanie at Catbird Studios just did a post on needle facts, and she mentioned, “By 1847 with the introduction of specialty machinery, more than 50 million needles were made each week in the Redditch district of England.”  She also mentioned that she was having a hard time finding out about needle history in the US.

I knew I had a packet of needles from 1857, and when I looked, sure enough they were from Redditch!

When I followed the link Melanie gave to the article by Kate McLaren at National Gallery of Victoria, there was a lot more history of Redditch and their needles, and one quote piqued my interest: “The eye of the Redditch needle was apparently so small that a modern day thread is not fine enough to pass through, other than specifically fine Sutures.”

Although they apparently made finer needles, a modern thread goes through the…

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