Why I Create

One maker’s explanation of “why I create.” Please leave comments and likes at her blog.

Momoko Abe Illustration

This post is about what creative process means to me. I draw, paint and make things because I enjoy it, but it’s a bit more than that. (Sorry about those low-quality photos – I blame my mum’s ancient phone camera…)


Last week, a friend of mine told me that his father had passed away. I lost for words. I didn’t know what to say to him because I knew how useless words were to those who have just lost their loved ones. How do I know that? I do because I lost my dad when I was sixteen.

The friend’s sad news got me think how on earth I had got through the tough time. Well, at first, I didn’t do anything. At the age of sixteen, of course I knew the concept of death. But, Dad’s death happened suddenly and quickly. Plus, I had never lost someone close before (at the…

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5 thoughts on “Why I Create

  1. Jim Ruebush

    By creating, we can get lost or absorbed in our task while our mind works on other things quietly and undisturbed. I think a lot of healing comes with creating. It refreshes us. Everyone needs a creative outlet.


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