2016 Quilt Finishes with Pix and Links

In my “reflections” on the past year, I published a list of projects I finished in 2016. The list below also includes links to the most useful post about each project, if available.

1. Beth’s Carousel — Ricky Tims kaleidoscope medallion
2. Isaac’s Big Block — big bed quilt with medallion back, too
3. Reconnected — for Padre’s wedding, big couch throw size
4. Moonlight Waltz — big medallion
5. VA hospital quilt  — block quilt from Moonlight Waltz leftovers
6. Untied — hand-quilted wall-hanging
7. Iowa In My Mind — guild challenge art quilt for Son
8. More Precious Than Diamonds — big bed quilt using 60 degree diamonds
9. Stars for Nora — multiple block sizes baby quilt
10. Still Climbing Mountains — big couch throw for Daughter
11. If I Had A Nickel — stacked coins big couch throw
12. small group round robin — of course, this was 5 projects
13. VA hospital quilt — shooflies and HST block quilt
14. VA hospital quilt — hourglasses block quilt
15. placemats — 4 of them of HST for Son
16. Kim’s Christmas stocking

Since mid-2013, most of my quilts have been medallions. Last year, of 14 quilts (not including the placemats and Christmas stocking,) only five were medallions. Click any photo to see them larger. 

One of my concerns as I make medallions is that I don’t let the format overtake design. Each quilt must be unique, not a repeat of those that have come before. As I look at the quilts above, I’m pleased at how different they are, though I believe they all (with the exception of the round robin, a group project) look like mine. If I had to pick favorites for aesthetics only, my votes go to Moonlight Waltz and Untied.

The rest of 2016’s quilts were a variety of other formats, including square block with straight and on-point settings, non-square block, and multi-sized block. Throw in a strip quilt and an art quilt, and I made a broader range of quilts last year than usual. Here they are, not including the donation quilts. Click any photo to see them larger. 

Four of the non-medallion quilts were inspired by other quilters but made my own. Iowa In My Mind was created to meet a guild challenge, as well as my personal challenge to try something very different. None of the six quilts shown above is in a standard square-block format, which also pushed my boundaries a bit. Again, if I had to choose favorites, I pick Still Climbing Mountains and Iowa In My Mind.

2016 will be a hard year to top in some ways. But it’s a whole new year and we get to start over. I’ve started. Have you?

20 thoughts on “2016 Quilt Finishes with Pix and Links

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  2. snarkyquilter

    I think my vote would be for Untied as well, though I like what happened in the border of the round robin quilt. I love retrospectives as a way to review artistic progress over a span of time, but it really doesn’t matter how many quilts were made. It’s not a race, but a process.

    1. Melanie McNeil Post author

      I’ve come to understand we do just as much as is important to us, with limits of course. What makes it important varies. But it’s not for anyone else to judge whether you are doing “enough” or finishing “enough” or not. So I’m guessing you will finish exactly the right amount this year. And I will, too!

  3. Alice Samuel's Quilt co.

    Oh they are all so beautiful! Your work is really amazing. It’s going to be a while before I get sewing this year it seems. All my quilting stuffs are still packed up from relocation and I need to set up my sewing space gradually starting with getting a table and chair at least!

  4. katechiconi

    I find it impossible to have a favourite… Perhaps Moonlight Waltz. I have indeed started this year’s sewing, but it’s a handful of blocks each for several different projects, rather than my preferred linear methodology, so I feel a little as if I’m going nowhere fast!

    1. Melanie McNeil Post author

      I know what you mean — easier for me to work on one, or at most two things at a time. But the nice thing about juggling several is there will be a moment when you’ve finished a whole bunch over a week or two!


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