Reflections on 2016

I’ve been enjoying the annual review posts of many blog friends. As a “journal entry” to aid my own memory, I’ve written one of my own.

First, the stats. Here is the list of quilts I made, roughly in the order of completion:

1. Beth’s Carousel — kaleidoscope
2. Isaac’s Big Block — big bed quilt
3. ReConnected — for Padre’s wedding, big couch throw size
4. Moonlight Waltz — big medallion
5. VA hospital quilt  — block quilt from Moonlight Waltz leftovers
6. Untied — hand-quilted wall-hanging
7. Iowa In My Mind — guild challenge art quilt for Son
8. More Precious Than Diamonds — big bed quilt using 60 degree diamonds for Em
9. Stars for Nora — multiple block sizes baby quilt
10. Still Climbing Mountains — big couch throw for Julie
11. If I Had A Nickel — stacked coins big couch throw
12. small group round robin — of course, this was 5 projects
13. VA hospital quilt — shooflies and HST block quilt
14. VA hospital quilt — hourglasses block quilt
15. placemats — 4 of them of HST for Son
16. Kim’s Christmas stocking

I don’t keep track of yardage used, but given this list, I estimate I used about 100 yards of fabric for completed projects. (That isn’t net usage, including new acquisitions. It’s just use.) Some years have used more; some have used less.

Besides those, I quilted eight projects for my local guild. And I started three more projects, two of which are “waiting” and one which is nearing completion.

Of the 16 completed projects listed, 13 have been given away or otherwise have owners in waiting. Besides those I gave three other quilts completed in prior years. My stockpile has not grown. 🙂

I published 111 blog posts here, which is 49 fewer than in 2015. A few of them were reblogs, including our series on Scotland. A few were some I chose to republish from earlier days.

Odd that I carried a sense of “not doing much” all year. But the year was odd, really. It began with a 10-day trip to the east coast, and it ended with a 10-day trip to the west coast. In between we had another trip to the east, as well as almost three weeks in Scotland. We made two short overnight trips for hiking in Iowa.We helped our nearby daughter with some home renovations, making several trips out of town for that. We both injured knees, and I hurt both of mine! We both undertook physical therapy and continuing rehab. My longarm tension got glitchy to the point of needing service. And then there was the election, which left me gasping and grasping for words for much of the year.

No wonder it all seems disjointed. It was!

In truth, I don’t think anyone but me cares about how many quilts I made or of what type, or how many blog posts, or why my year seemed less productive than usual. This was a thoroughly self-indulgent post, written as a review for myself.

I will follow up with a few photos, and with links to a few favorite new posts from the year. In the meantime, if you’ve gotten this far, thank you for indulging me!


25 thoughts on “Reflections on 2016

  1. TextileRanger

    Sometimes I worry about doing a post that is really only for myself — then I think, Well, it’s my blog! Someday this post may help me remember my life! 🙂
    Like several of your other commenters, I appreciate how well-thought-out your posts are!

    1. Melanie McNeil Post author

      In truth I try to remember that all my posts are for me. It’s a bonus if anyone else reads. So I don’t mind being self-indulgent this way now and then. Thanks so much. 🙂

  2. claire quilty

    Your blog is the one I set aside until I have time to relish it and file away your thoughts to mull over later. To me you have had a fantastic 2016 to accomplish so much: travel, meet family demands, keep physical therapy appointments, create and make quilts, meet deadlines – the list is endless. Please never sell yourself short. You’ll never know how important you are in mine and other folks’ lives. Thanks for sharing yourself.

  3. KerryCan

    It’s fun to list it all out like that, and I would think it’s also both reassuring and inspiring! You thought you were being less-than-productive and it turns out you managed to do so much, even with all the rest of the goings-on in your life–what will this year bring??

    1. Melanie McNeil Post author

      Thanks, Kerry. I think the year will bring us challenges and opportunities… As to being less-than-productive, I did think about that many times during the year. I kept having to decide that my pace was okay. Overall it was, as it turned out! 🙂

  4. Deborah

    That’s a very impressive year in my book! Thank you for such a consistently high quality blog. Your posts are always well reasoned and insightful, addressing topics that are rarely mentioned by the many beautiful but kind of interchangeable Instagram-era blogs. The amount of effort it must take to produce that content is very much appreciated.

    1. Melanie McNeil Post author

      Thanks for such a thoughtful comment. I decided long ago for multiple reasons that I wanted to provide “a lot” with my posts. It does slow me down, and I don’t always meet a high standard on that. But it does make me happier than a photo blog would. Thanks for letting me know you appreciate it, too.

  5. katechiconi

    It’s an impressive list despite your sense of disconnect from your quilting activities. I hope your injuries are repairing well and your rehab is progressing satisfactorily. And I’m not sure I agree this was self indulgent – it helped to remind me of the quilts you made and that you’re a consistent and reliable blogger, all good!

  6. Jim Ruebush

    I think your list is impressive. I hear you working from other parts of the house, sewing machine humming, TV and NCIS in the background at times, Merle singing to you… They are sounds I like. We traveled quite a bit.

  7. Shasta

    I care. That is a lot of quilts! A lot of traveling! And blog posts, and helping others. And to to accomplish that much despite the injuries is incredible. Bravo!

  8. Nann

    I don’t comment often, but I do read your posts. I appreciate your thoughtful insights. Here’s to a creative, productive, and satisfying 2017!

  9. jmn111

    I only succeeded in making 10 quilts (all lap size). However, I have made a number of garments, including a quilted coat, several pairs of leggings, five tunic tops. And I’ve knit close to 26 pair of socks. So I’ve been working continuously.
    Keep at ‘er, girl!

    1. Melanie McNeil Post author

      Oh my, I love your socks! Not sure if I’ve ever said that before, but the photos pop up in the reader and I ooh and ah at how lovely they are. Working continuously, yes, and moved besides, right? Busy woman!


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