First Snow | Cardinal Waits

Not my usual reblog, but this birdie was such a beauty. Enjoy!

Our View From Iowa

We have our first snow of the season in Iowa this morning. There is about 3″ on the ground and nearly stopped. I filled the feeders since the birds will find it harder to locate food. This cardinal sat for the longest time in the thicket nearby. I like how he is all fluffed up. Now, he and chickadees, titmouse, nuthatches, woodpeckers, and juncos are busy checking out the new supply.

Cardinalis cardinalis Cardinalis cardinalis

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16 thoughts on “First Snow | Cardinal Waits

  1. zippyquilts

    Must be precipitation everywhere! We were really glad to get rain to help with the many wildfires in the area. We have the same kinds of birds coming to our feeder in the rain that you have in the snow 🙂

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