The Gender Discussion — Reblog

I’d like you to read this thoughtful, pointed post by Sam Hunter. She covers some of the recent discussion about men in quilting, and in particular about a current quilt show that includes only men’s work. The title of the show is “No Girls Allowed.” There have been a handful of posts on this issue and related topics, and she links to some of them.

The Gender Discussion by Sam Hunter

In the last couple months, we’ve seen gender in quilting discussed in several places, and after following the conversations I feel a need to add my voice.

I’ll attempt to pull some threads together for you here (and these are just the ones I know of – please send me others you might think are important to this conversation and I’ll add them):

Please click the link above to go to her post. Thanks for any thoughtful comments you’d like to add here, on Catbird Quilts Facebook page, or on Sam’s post. I reserve the right to moderate comments, meaning, if you are disrespectful in your comments, I might not post it.


6 thoughts on “The Gender Discussion — Reblog

  1. katechiconi

    I follow Tim Latimer’s blog. He does the most exquisite hand quilting, restores and finishes old quilts and comes up with some very striking quilt designs. A while ago, he posted this:
    I had to laugh a little. It might have been a woman talking, about a male dominated industry…
    He is also exhibiting in No Girls Allowed, and I challenged him a little, saying I thought the title unnecessarily divisive. He couldn’t see it, thought it was just tongue in cheek. Since I didn’t want to be so rude as to heckle him on his own blog, I let it drop, but found the mirror image of what women so often experience very interesting.
    There have been other men-only shows: ‘Male Call, Quilts Made by Men’ being one example. I don’t have any problem with the title of this show, since it is not divisive but factual.
    I do wonder how the many talented male quilters of the world would react if faced with an exhibition entitled “Male Quilters Need Not Apply (this show is only for ‘proper’ quilters)”…!

    1. Melanie McNeil Post author

      I read the first post you linked. I agree that the disrespect in the stores is unacceptable. I would recommend to him that he contact the store manager or owner and tell them just that, and remind them they have a “training opportunity” for their staff to treat all customers with the respect they deserve. As to the “good morning, ladies,” again, a request for consideration would go a long way.

      The bigger issue, in my view, is the one pointed out in a couple of the other posts. Taking advantage of your anatomy on the one hand and complaining about how mean we women are on the other. And then even worse than that, some of the comments on Stephanie F’s post were disgusting, showing that even a good rant on one’s own blog isn’t safe from truly sexist reaction.

      Thanks for the comments, Kate.

  2. zippyquilts

    Ouch. I can show you a thousand ways in which things have improved for women and racial minorities in my lifetime. But here we are. The sponsors of the exhibit should have asked themselves, “Would the exhibit title NO BLACKS ALLOWED be considered cute?”

  3. snarkyquilter

    I just finished poking around for some prices on the quilts made by men. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to find prices on the 3 male quilter websites I checked. My question arose because I believe quilters often underprice their work, and I wondered if that sweeping generalization also applied to male quilters. Any information on this?

    1. Melanie McNeil Post author

      No, I don’t have anything on that. It would be interesting to know. Just guessing, they are probably less likely to “give it away.” But anyone male or female can be bad at business. The male quilter Molli Sparkles provided a pricing matrix a year or so ago and left out a lot that I would have included. But that’s just one person, not evidence.


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