Kaleidoscope Progress

I’ve mentioned before I’m working on a Ricky Tims kaleidoscope quilt. While I’d thought I’d be done with the kaleidoscope center by now, the past week has been head-shakingly busy with other things. It’s not done.

BUT I’m making progress! If I can convince myself to keep at it, I could finish the center today.

As it is, here is a look at its current state. There are 6 reflecting pairs of wedges, for a total of 12 wedges. The three in the upper left are assembled into a quadrant already. Heading clockwise, each of the next 6 wedges are created but not assembled into quadrants. From 6:00 to 7:00, I pulled a wedge out to show you what one looks like by itself. Next to it (continuing clockwise) is a wedge that isn’t assembled yet. I “exploded” it so you can see its parts.

After wedges are created, they get trimmed and edged, in this case with the dark green batik. They’re assembled in quadrants, and then the quadrants are stitched together to make the whole center.

On the left side of the design wall you can see strips of the fabric I’ll likely use as a border. I haven’t decided what to do after the center, or how large the quilt ultimately will be. This is definitely a design-as-you-go quilt.

Besides the kaleidoscope, progress was made this morning on the disappearing 9-patch. Are you impressed with how productive I am? Don’t be. I had a special helper with me stitching on that project. It was Jim. 😀

17 thoughts on “Kaleidoscope Progress

  1. KerryCan

    I cannot even begin to imagine putting that kaleidoscope together! Jeez–my mind is boggled. How big is the finished centerpiece? And I like the idea of your husband working with you. My husband tried, when I started quilting, but it never really took.

    1. Melanie McNeil Post author

      I sort of finished the center and it is 36″. (Not done as I need to make some amendments.) I am not completely thrilled and am not sure what I’ll do next with it. It can wait for me to decide, as I have some other things to work on. I like the idea of him working with me, too. As for your husband, you both weave, which must be lovely for the rhythm of your home.

  2. snarkyquilter

    I like that way of dealing with the hexagon (or whatever -gon) shape – just square it off, so to speak. I’ll be interested to see if you make this into a medallion quilt. It would sure give any borders a run for their money. It looks like you’re doing much better at matching the edges than I do.

    1. Melanie McNeil Post author

      It’s actually a little bit messy. The outside edges are pretty good except one, which is a train wreck. The inside where all the points meet? Discouraging, in truth. Not sure where I’ll go from here. Need to get over the discouragement before deciding. Thanks.

  3. Lisa in Port Hope

    Head shakingly busy, that’s a great description that applies to my weekend too. I don’t think I would want to share my fabric projects with my husband 😉 . I love your kaleidoscope colours, they seem very “you”.

    1. Melanie McNeil Post author

      There is a method to it that uses strips of fabric sewn together, then cut into the shapes that make up the wedges. If you look at the exploded one, you can see it more easily. Thanks for taking a look.

  4. jimfetig

    You certainly married the right fellow. I don’t believe I know many husbands, including myself, who possess the required patience. I am impressed, both with the quilt and with Jim.

  5. katechiconi

    It’s spectacular! But what I’m particularly impressed with is your helper. What’s the secret? How do I convert the Husband from an interested observer to a skilled assistant…?

    1. Melanie McNeil Post author

      Well, I asked, first of all. 🙂 But also this is a project well-suited to actually be FROM both of us. (And he’s rather between projects of his own right now, so I think I caught him at a bored moment.)


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