Why I simply love sewing…..

Another thought about technology, and how our sewing/quilting allows us to escape.

Thimbles and Teapots

I happened to peruse a copy of Management Today (not a publication that I normally read) whilst waiting for an appointment the other day and I came across an article about the ‘internet of things’. Apparently, in the future, we can look forward to a more ‘connected’ lifestyle where objects such as our fridge will be online and will not only know when we’ve run out of milk but will contact the supermarket on our behalf to order more. We can also look forward to ‘wearable technology’ that will ‘helpfully’ let us know if we’re unfit and suggest ways for us to remedy it. Indeed, it has struck me just how reliant we are on the internet and how influential it has become in our lives. On my daily commute, I am always amazed at the number of people tapping away on their mobile phones and tablets. The sky in the morning…

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