Cuba Visit | Part 2 Architecture

As a quilter, I found the structural aspects of the architecture of Cuba, as well as the colors, very inspiring. Join us for more.

Our View From Iowa

by Jim and Melanie

As mentioned in our Cuba Visit | Part 1, the architecture of Cuba captured our attention. We were told that about 12% of existing buildings are from the colonial era of Cuba, from 1515 to 1898. Eighty percent is from that point of independence until the revolution, in 1959. And about 8% has been built since then, mostly with Soviet influence and help.

When we left the airport on entering the country we soon saw the affect of the last 8%. On one side of the highway, ugly concrete apartment buildings rose up in groups. Though still used, they looked damaged and abandoned. (The worst of the Soviet buildings, though, is the Russian Embassy. The link is for the googled images of it and in fact, it’s worse in person than in the photos.)

On our second day we went to the Presidential Palace, now used as the…

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2 thoughts on “Cuba Visit | Part 2 Architecture

  1. Elizabeth E.

    This is quite the trip. The colorful buildings reminded me of Burano, Italy, and was a delight for me, a quilter who loves color. I’m enjoying your posts–just read #3, too.

    1. Melanie McNeil Post author

      Thanks for taking a look. I wouldn’t detail every trip like this, but Cuba is a mystery for many of us. Also documenting it helps both Jim and me remember it more clearly.


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