Some Fun

Yesterday I had some fun. First I loaded the back, batting and top for The Mountain on my long-arm frame. I even had a chance to begin quilting.

In the afternoon I left for the Johnson County Senior Center. The center is one of the many reasons our area ranks highly when considering healthy places for aging populations. With many activities, discussion groups, and presentations offered every day, it is a focal point of Iowa City’s downtown — a downtown shared with the University of Iowa.

At the center I had the privilege of presenting about the Mill Girls. They were female textile workers in New England in the early 1800s. As the Cotton Revolution (the first phase of the Industrial Revolution) kicked into gear with factory-based textile production, the primary population of workers in the U.S. was these young women.

My audience was terrific, offering many questions and a round of applause and “thank yous” when I was done. I LOVE presenting when that happens.

And when I got home, I checked the mailbox. In it was the new issue of Quilters Newsletter. This one was kind of special. The regular feature “300 words about quilting” includes a short essay by me!


Not every day is as noteworthy as yesterday. But my life is full and I am very blessed.


10 thoughts on “Some Fun

  1. katechiconi

    That does indeed sound like a fun day! I find that seniors are well worth listening to, so their enthusiastic reception of your presentation must mean you are too!

  2. KerryCan

    A day to remember! The presentation sounds so successful and I think it’s awesome that your advice got included in the magazine. Was the piece about medallion quilts?

    1. Melanie McNeil Post author

      The magazine essay is part of their every-issue feature, which invites readers to respond to some writing prompt. This prompt was on Christmas quilts. I told of a quilt I gave to Jim in 2012, after we both had a difficult, stressful year.

      As to the presentation, yes, it was successful! I enjoy teaching/presenting/interacting with an audience. One thing I thought funny was two of the women came up to me afterwards to thank me, and they specifically mentioned that I was loud enough they could hear me, even though they’d forgotten their hearing aids. 🙂


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