10 Reasons I Love Quilting

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Stephanie Mae at IndieQuilter had this fun post on 10 reasons she loves quilting.

She includes things like

Screen Shot 2015-11-03 at 8.34.19 PM

I am lined up with ALL of these!

When I think about my 10 reasons to love quilting, they overlap with her, but they aren’t exactly the same. So while I agree with those above, my own list of 10 is below.

  1. When I transform ideas into beautiful, useful objects, I feel powerful.
  2. I love the infinite variety of fabrics, in all their patterns and colors, with incredible subtlety and in-your-face POW! and everything in between.
  3. Mmm, the fabrics feel so good…
  4. I love the camaraderie of people who make stuff, like we’re all in this together.
  5. Quilting time is solitary for me, and I like working independently.
  6. When I quilt, I feel connected to my sister (who quilts) and to my mom (who could make anything) and even to my brother (who is a potter.)
  7. Jim is proud of me and what I do.
  8. As a quilter I’ve learned to take chances on things I’m not sure will work out. Usually no bad thing happens, which encourages me to take other risks in my life.
  9. As a quilter I’ve stretched my intellectual abilities while designing both simple and complex quilts.
  10. As a quilter, I’ve learned more about U.S. history than I ever learned before. Quilting has brought me that, as well.

Why do you love quilting? Share with us here or on your own blog. And THANKS, Stephanie, for being an inadvertent ring-leader on this!


23 thoughts on “10 Reasons I Love Quilting

  1. shasta

    Hi Melanie, I posted my own list on my blog. I found it difficult to chose just 10, and reading these comments makes me want to go back and revise my list, but I won’t.

    1. Melanie McNeil Post author

      Wow, what a great list! I know what you mean about wanting to revise your own, as I’ve had that thought, too. Thanks so much for letting me know you’ve done this. Terrific!

  2. Thread crazy

    Great post Melanie and I do believe all of my reasons have been well stated with the exception of a couple…I consider myself a “fabric junkie” so I love to feel the different textures of fabric and feel the fabric glide over and through my fingers and …
    I love to “shop hop” with quilt buddies – what a hoot to go on a fabric shop hop! Great times!

    1. Melanie McNeil Post author

      You know I’m not much of a shopper. I can get overwhelmed by the choices pretty easily, especially if I don’t have a specific project in mind. However I do enjoy outings with my small group, which we do a couple times a year. More likely I’ll meet someone at a shop, spend a little time, and then have lunch. That’s fun, too. 🙂

      1. Thread crazy

        Sometimes I also get overwhelmed especially in shops that have a lot if fabric c and extras. It’s too much to look at. Now when I have a particular mission, I’ll agree, it’s a lot easier!

  3. Neame

    -because quilting connects me with women in the past like my grandmother who was always busy with some make do or mend activity
    -because quilting connects me with a caring generous community
    -because quilting is good for me and for those I love

  4. KerryCan

    Stephanie’s number five and your number five are probably the two biggies for me. It’s all about the process, the alone time, but not really alone because I’m one in a line of makers.

  5. cjh

    Not keeping my blog up to date currently, but here are my 10:
    1. I enjoy fabric, the seemingly infinite variety of color, design and texture.
    2. Sewing physically and mentally relaxes me.
    3. The mental exercise of math, planning and designing is good for me, and satisfying when successful.
    4. My daughters learned to sew and quilt from me, and they still make quilts!
    5. Quilts are beautiful and not one is like any other.
    6. I can share and talk about the hobby and art of quilting with my daughters, sister and friends.
    7. Quilts keep us warm with beauty.
    8. Quilts are good gifts to loved ones.
    9. There is physical exercise in quilt making, standing to cut, squatting and standing to work on my design floor, and walking between my floor, my cutting table, and my machines.
    10. There is always something interesting to think about when working on a quilt – the next design or sewing step, who will get it, and more.

  6. snarkyquilter

    I agree with all the reasons given so far, but would like to add one – quilting allows me to be creative. I’m linking to a review of Elizabeth Gilbert’s latest book, Big Magic, that is filled with great quotes http://melissafirman.com/big-magic-creative-living-through-fear-by-elizabeth-gilbert/. Here’s the one that expresses why I quilt. “Perhaps creativity’s greatest mercy is this: By completely absorbing our attention for a short and magical spell, it can relieve us temporarily from the dreadful burden of being who we are. Best of all, at the end of your creative adventure, you have a souvenir — something that you made, something to remind you forever of your brief but transformative encounter with inspiration.” (pg. 172)

  7. Ann

    I really, really missing quilting at the moment as I have moved into rented accommodation in a new part of the country and all my quilting paraphernalia is in storage …….BUT…. I can at least try to covey to others what Quilting means to me.
    I love quilting because:
    1. It is calming and therapeutic for me
    2. I can create unique items for my home or for gifts that no-one else has
    3. I can experiment and try new patterns or techniques, almost endlessly
    4. I can make other people smile and be happy when I give them something I have made especially for them
    5. I can lose myself for hours in whatever part of quilting I am doing, be it cutting, piecing or binding the quilt, and leave all the stresses of life behind
    6. I have an excuse for buying beautiful fabrics and hoarding them away for a project some day
    7. I can spend (waste) many happy hours planning the next new project
    8. I can join in with an online community of quilters who are helpful and knowledgeable, and who freely give advice and tips to newbies like me
    9. I have an excuse to visit quilting shows and wonder at the fantastic work of talented quilters displayed before me
    10. I can spend ‘me time’ engaged in a craft that has a long history but can turn simple fabric into anything I want it to be.
    Thanks Melanie for continuing The 10 Reasons I Love Quilting theme here – it has made me think hard about why it means so much to me.

  8. katechiconi

    I love quilting because: 1. It combines beauty and utility. My quilts are all usable sizes and I don’t make pretties to hang on the wall. 2. After many years of drawing, painting, ceramics and making garments, I have found my creative home here. 3. I just love fabric, and quilting gives me an excuse to buy, stash and go visit it for a little cloth worship from time to time. 4. I love to make exactly the right quilt for its recipient. I stitch into each one my knowledge, affection and appreciation of the person I’m making it for, and how they will use it. You can’t do that with anything except quilting. 5. The faces of those who get the quilts would be enough, if all my other reasons weren’t. 6. I get a big sense of achievement finishing a quilt, particularly if it has been a technical challenge or something I haven’t tried before. 7. The quilting/blogging community are outstanding, and almost without exception are wonderfully supportive, appreciative, communicative and lots of other good words ending in -ive. 8. It gives me an opportunity to give back to those who serve my country overseas, to give them a great big quilty hug of thanks. 9. Quilters share: ideas, fabric, information, how-tos in a way no other craft or hobby does. 10. There is space in quilting for people who love it and do it in their spare time, and people who have made it their business. Different approach, different focus, same end result: A thing of beauty.
    Sorry about this, it’s turned into quite an essay and I didn’t mean to ‘hog the blog’!

    1. Melanie McNeil Post author

      No hogging seen. This is what I asked for! This one resonates most with me: “4. I love to make exactly the right quilt for its recipient. I stitch into each one my knowledge, affection and appreciation of the person I’m making it for, and how they will use it. You can’t do that with anything except quilting.” Thanks.

      1. katechiconi

        Yes, that’s one’s very important to me. Yet another reason why I can’t and won’t make other people’s quilts, or ‘anonymous’ quilts to sell. Doing this is an inescapable part of my process.

        1. Melanie McNeil Post author

          Yes, I agree. I do make quilts with no receiver, and then I make them to please myself. But quilts made for specific receivers have love for them all through, even if I am the only one who knows that.

          1. katechiconi

            Sometimes you make a quilt to please yourself, enjoying the colours and process. You keep it for a while, and then the quilt tells you who it’s for. I know you have experience of that one!

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