Cuba Visit | Part 1

Jim and I traveled to Cuba recently. Here are a few impressions from our first day. More to come…

Our View From Iowa

by Jim and Melanie

We were in Cuba for five days of visits with people and for sight-seeing. Each day required up to 8 hours of supervised travel as a group. Some time was free and we could take a taxi and travel around the city freely. Four of the days were in Havana. The fifth day was spent about 2.5 hours west of Havana in a rural area called Vinales Valley. It is a UNESCO heritage site including a broad fertile valley and limestone mountains to the north shown in this map view. (We’ll show you pictures of that visit in another post.)

The evening before departing for Havana, our entire group gathered in a hotel near the Miami airport. The meeting was led by a representative of Chambers Explorations in order to distribute the necessary documents, fill them out properly, and enter the country with no problems or…

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6 thoughts on “Cuba Visit | Part 1

  1. Nann

    We travel with Road Scholar which has several trips to Cuba . . . maybe in 2016! I look forward to reading about your week.

  2. Thread crazy

    Looks amazing – the airport reminds me somewhat of the one we flew into and out of Cosumel; however, it’s much more modern. The town and bldgs are so colorfu….lAnxious to read more…

  3. Elizabeth E.

    Fascinating to get a firsthand description of a trip to Cuba–so tantalizingly out of reach for most of us. The man who decorates walls and surfaces reminds me of Gaudi–and maybe of us quilters in our passion to explore surface design and pattern. Loved the video of the smiling musicians, dancing (sort of) and singing. Wouldn’t you have loved to bring home one of their chairs?

    1. Melanie McNeil Post author

      Yes, the Gaudi is easy to see in large. In close up, the Picasso influence is more visible, too. And yes, the tiling effect is inspirational. As to the chairs, I think they were for sale, too. 😉


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