A Gift for My Brother

A few years ago my brother got married. Sister Cathie and I made a quilt for Brother and his bride. Alas, the marriage didn’t last.

But happier times are here. He recently bought and moved into a new home. I thought that a new home, new start, called for a new quilt. I built a quilt top of simple 8″ hourglass blocks. The block is fun to make and packs a lot of pow with its graphic simplicity and contrast. I used fabrics I still love but am not using much. I framed it with a triple border, and enlisted Cathie to help quilt and bind it. It’s big, about 94″ square, so quilting and binding is a big project.

Last Sunday we visited Brother in his new home and presented his new quilt. It looks even better on his bed.


12 thoughts on “A Gift for My Brother

  1. Thread crazy

    Love the colors and that hourglass pattern suits a man well. So glad you had help from your sister as quilts that size and larger….hard to handle. Beautiful and I know he loved it.

    1. Melanie McNeil Post author

      I already started on the top before talking to her about helping to finish. But since we’d made the first quilt together, I thought this one would mean more to our brother if it, also, was from both of us. But yeah, it was great to quilt it together. We used her longarm and made a great big double-meander that was easy to execute for both of us. I think it would be impossible to tell which passes were hers and which were mine, so it worked just like we hoped. Thank you.

  2. Ann

    It’s a beautiful quilt and a lovely gift for your brother. The colours are cheerful and bright but have an over all masculine effect. I bet your brother loves it! Well done.

    1. Melanie McNeil Post author

      Cheerful and bright — it nearly sparkled on his bed, with the ceiling light on. That seems counterintuitive with the dusky colors. But the strong value contrasts really make it stand out. Thank you for taking a look today.


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