“Comparison is the Thief of Joy”

Enjoy your own accomplishments and those of others. Teach and learn. That is how we grow in our quilting and art.

Our View From Iowa

The other day I stumbled on this quotation, attributed to Theodore Roosevelt. I looked for context, for the circumstances under which he made such a statement and so far haven’t seen any. In fact, apparently the attribution is disputed. Perhaps it doesn’t matter who said it or under what circumstances. The text itself has plenty to chew on.

First, let’s consider what the quotation is not talking about. It’s not talking about the ability to discern differences. It’s talking about how we use that ability. Comparison is necessary for survival. We need to be able to discern fresh foods from spoiled, safe situations from danger. There are people who have a diminished tactile sense and can’t feel heat, for example. They can’t compare a surface that is too hot to one that is not. That lack of ability is dangerous. Ability to compare improves our safety.

Also, we must be able to…

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