On Our Way Back Home

We’ve been away from home for nearly three weeks. Over that time we’ve experienced highs and lows. While we were in Enid, OK a little more than two weeks ago, our son learned his next Air Force assignment. He will go to Joint Base Lewis-McChord to fly C-17s for the United States. It’s the assignment he and his fiancee hoped for, and we are thrilled for them.

After Assignment Night, Jim and I headed to Taos, NM for a vacation. If you’re interested, you can read about some of our time there. This post has a review of one of our hikes, as well as links to some other outings.

While we were in Taos, we also learned some personal news, actually three separate and important things. Grief, anger, and disappointment all played into our time there, as well as the exhilaration and excitement of the beautiful setting. It was a time of very mixed emotions.

Wednesday we drove back to Enid. Thursday we were joined by our two daughters. Our fabulous future daughter-in-law, her parents and sister arrived later in the day. The big occasion? Son’s graduation from undergraduate pilot training was Friday.

He was the deserving recipient of multiple awards, and humble enough he doesn’t want me to share that. Of course, the most important “award” is the opportunity to fly for the United States. To say we are proud of him is a tremendous understatement.

With ALL THAT going on, my mind has not been on quilting much, understandably. Finally last night the thoughts started to flow again. After no sewing for three weeks, it will feel wonderful to be back in my studio.

First things first: I’ll bind a quilt that is otherwise finished. And I plan to make a pile of 9″ shoofly blocks for my local guild’s donation projects. After that? I think I’ll make quilts for the local VA hospital. My guild donates around 200 quilts a year. Most of them go to the local hospitals, including the VA. Our VA wants quilts that are 48″ x 60″. (Yours may have different requests, so you should check with them directly.)  I’ve been working on some simple designs to meet that need, and will share them in a few days.

There are still twelve weeks left in the year. That is twelve weeks to enjoy the journey and try new things.

It will be good to be home.


14 thoughts on “On Our Way Back Home

  1. shoreacres

    Still twelve weeks left? Oh, my. I read that as only twelve weeks left. I hardly can believe it. I almost cmopletely missed spring this year. I’d best be careful, or I’ll miss autumn, too.

    It is good to be home, isn’t it? And congrats again to your son.

  2. farmquilter

    I’m so glad your son got the assignment he wanted here in Washington!! My daughter is the Army recruiter up in Port Angeles and she’s looking forward to her next assignment…in Hawaii! So wonderful when they get the assignments they want – they worked hard for them! Welcome home and back to the studio!!

  3. treadlemusic

    Time away does make one really love “the nest” and our personal ‘routines’. Welcome home and huge congratulations on your son’s achievement(s)!!! Hugs and blessings……

      1. treadlemusic

        That’s how I feel, too. I’m really not a great one for eating out on a regular basis…….and, as much as I love traveling, being in the vehicle continuously is only good for just so long!!!

  4. Thread crazy

    So glad you had some time away and yes, it does feel good to get back home. I’m still hoping we get to go away for a week or so here before thanksgiving. Also glad you had safe travels both ways.

  5. Nann Hilyard

    It sounds as though your trip was a re-creation. Despite the less-than-good bits during your hike, you had satisfying (and justifiably proud-mama) time with your family. Welcome home. It will be good to get back to your studio!

  6. KerryCan

    Sounds like a very intense, roller-coaster sort of trip. I’m glad you had some wonderful moments that you could simply enjoy and that you’re back here!

    1. Melanie McNeil Post author

      It was intense, Kerry, in both good and bad ways. The very worst part is I couldn’t be with my brother after his sweet daughter died. I will see him soon, though, and perhaps the time will be more… something … as there will be fewer distractions. But the good parts were very very very good.


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