Taking Control of the New List

Here is the list I started a few days ago. As mentioned then, I have a TON to do over the next two months. Lists help me control where I spend my time, so I often use them when I feel pressured on deadlines.

  1. Get dress hemmed for Son’s graduation dinner. Making appointment for alterations.
  2. Load and quilt project as a favor for someone; return it to them this week. It is boxed and ready to mail.
  3. Quilt and bind Ice Cream sample. Changed quilt name to Sherbet.
  4. Make top for Amish solids sample.
  5. Make top for black and red sample.
  6. Review lesson plans.
  7. Assemble lesson packet.
  8. Make back, quilt, bind African Star. Purchased backing fabric.
  9. Develop new projects/designs.
  10. Write, rewrite, rewrite, rewrite… Have been rewriting…

Sherbet. 35″ square. Finished August 2014.


14 thoughts on “Taking Control of the New List

  1. treadlemusic

    Love “Sherbet”!!!! Yum!!!! Lists are my friend, too!!!! Leading up to the workshop I did last Monday a.m., I had lists everywhere!!! DH was constantly ‘running’ into them!!!!!


  2. Pam from Calif

    I use lists. If it isn’t written down on a list; it doesn’t get done. Sherbet is well named. It reminds me of a summer day at the beach boardwalk. Congrats on completing so many lovely quilts.


    1. Melanie McNeil Post author

      Thanks very much. It’s not “my style” so I don’t love it, but I also can see objectively that it’s pretty. 🙂 Funny, huh? I’m making the design in another color set now.



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