Who Is Your Worst Critic?

Who is your worst critic in general?

Who is your worst critic about your quilting or other crafting?

What does that critic say to you about your quilting or crafting skills and talents?

Do you believe that critic from an intellectual standpoint?

Do you believe the critic from an emotional standpoint?

If the critic is right, do you care?

If the critic is wrong, do you care?

If you care (and want to “improve,”), is there something you are willing to do to address the criticisms?

If you don’t care (or don’t want to “improve,”) is there something you are willing to do to address the critic?

Does the criticism affect your desire to try things?

Who is your biggest fan?

How do you know?

What can you do to get more positive feedback from that fan or others, including yourself?

Will you show up, be big, regardless of the feedback?

Will you listen to this talk by Brené Brown, about the critics in your creative arena? It’s about 20 minutes. I found her affirming and inspiring.


6 thoughts on “Who Is Your Worst Critic?

  1. Thread crazy

    My worst critic – hmm…maybe my hubby as I don’t always like his ideas but he does have a good eye for color and style and he’s close!! Then I’d say my quilting buddies – we’re pretty open with one another and they don’t always like my comments and I theirs. In the past I’ve entered some quilts in our guild’s show; my first experience with it was an eye opener as their comments I thought were hard and unnecessary. I had worked really hard on my quilts and felt they rater better than what I was given. Then after looking at the comments again and then looking at other quilts, I understand where their comments come from. Have I tried to implement their ideas and try to improve – yes; do I think I’ve improved, yes, but have a long ways to go and as far as I’m concerned, it’s a fun journey!

    1. Melanie McNeil Post author

      It sounds like the comments you get, mostly, are constructive. That makes all the difference, doesn’t it? It’s the ones that are intended to tear one down that none of us need.

      Thanks for reading and commenting.

  2. KerryCan

    I have to admit, I didn’t watch the video–sorry! But your questions made me think and I realized I have no one who criticizes my work! I don’t produce that many quilts, because I spread myself pretty thin, and I get only support and raves from the people around me. Maybe that’s not a great thing (as much as it feels good!)–maybe if I got some constructive criticism, I’d improve more. Interesting post, Melanie!

    1. Melanie McNeil Post author

      I agree — it’s hard to improve without some feedback. I find that my habit of asking for input during my process gets me some of that. And also I try to self-evaluate, with constructive criticism of WHY things seems to work or not work, or if I had to do something over, what I would change. Still, I’m pretty nice to myself. 🙂


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